Why to Choose Labiaplasty Surgery?

Women’s healthcare has advanced immensely. Today, cosmetic treatments have made immense progress in ensuring that women look and feel comfortable and happy. If an intimate part of your body seems unsatisfactory or discomforting, then cosmetic science can help remedy the problem successfully. As tens of thousands of women from across the world reported feeling pain and discomfort due to abnormally large labia minora, the Labiaplasty procedure was invented.

Since then, innumerable women from all over the world have undergone the procedure to make their lives more comfortable and care-free.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty, also known as Labia Reconstruction surgery, is an advanced cosmetic surgical procedure which is an integral part of the Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment at Refine Aesthetic Clinic, the leading and most reliable cosmetic surgery clinic in India.

The Labiaplasty surgery is meant to improve the overall appearance of the labia minora, which is normally within the limits of the labia majora. This may involve trimming or folding and stitching back excess labia tissue.

Who should undergo Labiaplasty Surgery?

There are several different issues with genitalia that prompt women to seek cosmetic labia reconstruction. The reasons may be medical or even completely aesthetic in nature, however the main aim is to improve the looks and feel of the inner labia, which may often become enlarged and droop lower than the outer labia.

These are the top reasons that can help to decide who should undergo Labiaplasty at Refine Center for Aesthetic Transformation in India:

  • Vaginal Atresia – This abnormality results in lack of vaginal passage in a woman.
  • Mullerian Agenesis – This condition results in deformed uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Intersexuality – Women showing noticeable male characteristics.
  • Trauma – Injury to the labia may also need Labiaplasty to be treated completely.
  • Childbirth – Natural childbirth may often result in torn labia minora.
  • Ageing – Advancing age may result in stretching and loosening the labia and making it droop.
  • Sex Reassignment Surgery – A sex-change surgery also requires trimming the labia significantly.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, then it is highly-recommended to contact the expert cosmetic specialist at Refine Clinic and book an appointment fast to schedule a complete checkup.

How is Labiaplasty surgery performed?

Labiaplasty is performed using several different techniques today. The cosmetic surgeon will choose to administer local or general anesthesia is order to prevent you from feeling any sort of pain or discomfort while the procedure is underway.

At Refine Aesthetic Clinic, the expert and skilled cosmetic surgeons use one of two techniques to perform successful and satisfactory Labiaplasty:

1 – Wedge Resection/Trimming
In this Labiaplasty technique, the cosmetic surgeon carefully trims and removes the excess outer lining of the abnormally large labia minora. The remaining labia lining is then carefully repaired and stitched close using strong soluble sutures.

2 – V Shaped Resection
This Labiaplasty technique involves removing a triangular-shaped section of the overly large labia minora. The tissue is removed from the inner surface of the labia and thus does not leave a visible scar at all.

The team of skilled cosmetic surgeons at Refine Aesthetic Clinic headed by female plastic surgeon has performed hundreds of successful and satisfying Labiaplasty procedures till date. It is recommended to get in contact with Refine Clinic now and learn how you can get the best, most affordable and successful Labiaplasty treatment in India.