Liposuction: Liposuction is a safe and simple procedure that contours the body by removal of certain layers of fat, from certain areas of the body and in certain amounts. The surgery has a simple principle and a safe protocol, but it requires a very experienced surgeon to get the the body shaped in a desired but natural way.

If performed by a surgeon who Does not have the proper experience and training, it might create many problems with the skin texture and also create asymmetries or lumps on the skin. In extreme cases, if the surgeon is not experienced enough or does not follow the protocol, very serious complications might happen, sometimes even death. Some complications can cause permanent damage and things cannot be fixed later on. Fro this reason, one needs to choose his surgeon very carefully.

On the other hand, if the surgeon has enough experience has that artistic touch needed for liposuction, results can be immaculate. And the result is permanent, as fat never comes back to treated areas.

There are many modern technologies in liposuction surgery that can give remarkable results, but only if they are put in the right and experienced hand. A high-end machine means nothing if the hand operating it does not have the skills.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

VASER liposuction is certainly one of the most known and reliable techniques to achieve superior results, and our surgical team was specifically trained to perform those surgeries with a distinctive skill.

Recovery from liposuction is very fast and easy going. A person is allowed to maintain most daily activities just 24 hours after the procedure, and they are even allowed to go back to full range of physical activities and exercise in just 5-7 days. In the recovery period, our surgeons keep a close communication with their patients to assure complete safety and maximal comfort. For some time after the procedure there would be swelling on all treated areas, and that swelling is completely harmless for the body and is temporary. As the swelling fades away, the final result starting to show slowly, and if the surgery is done by the proper experts, change can be transformational

Many areas of the body can be sculpted with liposuction: the tummy, flanks, back, arms, male chest, thighs, buttocks, calfs, neck, face…etc. And additionally, to sculpt some areas with more sophistication, a surgeon can add some of the removed fat to areas of the body that need it, which is called “own fat transfer” of “Autologous Fat Grafting”. Also, athletic body sculpting can be ached with one special type of liposuction procedures Calle “High Definition Liposuction” that is performed only by an elite class of surgeons with such a skill.

Consult the right expert today and see how much liposuction can do for you. If you have stubborn fat, asymmetries in body or fat deposits you would like to get rid of in a fast and efficient way, liposuction might just be the solution to your problem.
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