A Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure is the solution for most people that suffer from skin excess and loose skin, especially after significant weight loss, multiple pregnancies, inherited bad skin quality or simply aging of the area. There is no replacement for this surgery to get the complete tightening of such skin redundancy, as all non-surgical techniques are limited in their efficacy and produce just a partial solution to the problem. It is a very safe and reliable procedure, with hidden scarring that does not cause any significant social embarrassment or physical deformityto the body, and most importantly, it gives you life changing results.

The procedure is usually done in general anesthesia but no long stay in the hospital is required. The patient typically goes home the next morning after surgery and the recovery period is about 2 week, during which the patients are allowed to practice most of their everyday activities, and only withholding of extensive physical activity. On the long term, after complete recovery, one goes back to their full activity and there are no restrictions in terms of exercise or allowed activities, even if they are extreme.

The scar produced by a tummy tuck is placed within the bikini (waist) line and is very easily covered with clothes or swimming suite, so even people you meet a lot would probably never know you did the surgery.