8 Ways to Fight Aging Skin and Maintain a Youthful Complexion

“Stay Youthful Always- Fight Aging Skin”

‘Always sweet 16’ is every lady’s and now-a-days millennial man’s wish too. You do not wish to age with increasing candles on your birthday cake. In fact an increase in the number of candle scares you and stresses you about the fact of looking old. ‘You are young at heart and want your Aging Skin to reflect the same.’ After all age is just a number!

You are the 21st century generation juggling between impending work deadlines and the ever-increasing family responsibilities. Trying to balance out everything, you compromise on one thing and that is-YOU. Your skin and face start showing signs of stress and crow lines reflecting the pretentious age. Adding to the turmoil are the UV rays of the sun, pollution, dust and the harsh weather conditions. Alas! Your skin is just not breathing too well.

Are you feeling conscious of the age reflecting on your face? Are you feeling low because you have started maturing too early? The good news is that technology has ways to retain that youth and charm on your face forever. Yes, you heard it right. Here are some simple and effective procedures invigorating the youth in you and allowing your skin to be supple and tight enough. Following are some techniques which will help you fight back time and leave you looking tauter and younger:

2. Botox

The procedure of Botox is gaining a wide popularity with famous Bollywood and Hollywood actresses seeming to fight back age with this magical procedure. The concept of defining people on the basis of age seems to be a thing of bygone past.

Botox eliminates fine lines and wrinkles by momentarily paralyzing some muscles of the face. The decreased collagen and UV rays of the sun are the primary reasons of wrinkles and fine lines over the years.

Botox is produced from a toxin called Botulinum that is composed by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. When injected into the skin, it blocks signals where nerve cells are meeting muscles and paralyzes the targeted portion. This restricts their activity and hence a noticeable decrease in fine lines.

Injecting Botox prevents the discharge of acetylcholine, which is a chemical carrier responsible for muscle shrinkage. The process enables a depression in abnormal muscle shortening and leaves the muscles stiff and tight. The most commonly treated areas are frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines and crow’s feet. It can even help in curing certain dimples and unwanted depressions on the chin areas.

People are keenly getting this non-surgical treatment done for the effective removal of wrinkles and facial flaws, thereby staying young forever.


2. Fillers

As you experience a sagging skin, fillers is the treatment that retains vitality and freshness in skin. Most commonly used to treat nasolabial folds, fillers helps in fighting ageing and loss of volume in the cheek area, under-eye area (tear trough) and helps in cheek enhancement. The fillers rectify the depleted collagen levels of the skin and enhance the facial looks.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have fullness in the cheek area and make the face young and tight? There are a variety of fillers available, most commonly used are the following:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance found in human body targeting at the volume and fullness to the skin. The process smoothens out the folds and wrinkles on facial skin. Also it aims at lips enhancement and aids in facial contouring.

  • Fat Grafting

Also known as autologous wrinkle filler, this process extracts excess fat from thighs and hips, etc. The fat is then purified and injected into facial areas, hands or breasts to tighten and give volume to the skin. It also helps in getting rid of dullness of the face.

These fillers diminish the tiniest of the lines and you enjoy a bump-free face. The best part is that there would be very less bruising as the needle would penetrate just the skin’s top layers. Minor list of do’s and don’ts is given by the doctor post the intervention for full results.

3. A quick Nose Job

Isn’t it almost mystical that a ten-minute filler on the nose will defy all the ageing signs and slims the nose. The hyaluronic filler even corrects bumps and imperfections on the nose. Even Botox can lift up and takes off the ageing away from the nose. Take the year off your nose!

4. Neck Lift

Who wouldn’t want a slender and tight neck line? Your neck and its appearance mark the beauty of the face. With increase in age, the neck muscles enlarge and protrude. They behave erratic by pulling the face downwards. This has a spiral effect on the look of the face. The Botox softens the wrinkles, lifts the face and works its way to get rid of the cords.

You will feel the vitality and youth coming back with the lifting of the neck. The skin will revive its elasticity and flexibility. This simple procedure works out well for people who through time or stress have suffered the wear of facial skin, recover softness and tightening needed.

5. Say bye-bye to Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is the modern day process to cure the spider veins and the leaky blood vessels that cause spider veins. This is a short process and causes less discomfort than its previous form. With no downtime and minor side-effects, this process is really gaining popularity in treating the spider veins.

6. Want an Even Skin Tone?

Want an even skin tone

For those who suffer because of pigmentation or uneven and patchy skin, science has offered them a magical peel called Tricholoroacetic Acid (TCA) peels. These peels are very popular to treat sun burns, sun-tans and hyperpigmentation. This intervention gives no scabbing on the skin as the top layer of skin is untouched. Assuring long lasting results, TCA peels are a boon to people with uneven skin tone and give them a healthier complexion.

Who wants to live with zits, pimples and acne? Get rid from these monsters forever which make you look ugly. Target a pimple-free face and look radiant and sparkling with these peels. After all it is the face which makes the first impression of a person.

7. Home DIYs

In case you are entering 30s try a few home remedies to give your skin instant charm.

Clean your skin daily and follow the CTM (cleaning, toning and moisturizing) regime religiously.

Use an effective sunscreen lotion with a minimum 30 SPF daily. The UV rays of the sun are biggest damaging agents.

Apply dollops of moisturizer daily without fail to give your skin the radiating nourishment. This is food for the skin.

Also never sleep with makeup on. It is likely to damage the skin by not letting the pores to breathe.

Use coconut oil for best results and it is the most effective and safest oils.

If you are prescribed any OTC medications, use them sparingly and that too for a short while. Let your skin breathe free.

Always stay hydrated and eat fresh and healthy food loaded with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Let your skin derive as many nutrients as possible. What you eat and drink eventually reflects on your skin.

The above points are a doctor’s secret to healthy and happy skin. Sleep well and stay relaxed. Your inner vibes reflect on your face. To stay young, stay calm and happy from inside!

8. Choose the Best Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon you choose will be reflecting on your face or body as the cosmetic and aesthetic changes are aimed at bringing out the perfect looks. So choosing the best doctor is a prerequisite to look and feel good, especially when it comes to face and any kind of facial treatment.

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She has happy and content testimonials to support her dexterity and skilled craftsmanship. The most hygienic clinic with modern equipment and cordial staff wins the confidence of patients. Some of her strong fortes are as follows:

  • Dermabrasion
  • Scar removal
  • Facelifts

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