Most of us long for a blemish free face. A flawless face has always been a point of attention for both genders. Problem arises when one has to maintain that same charm for a long term.

Maintaining an unblemished facial skin amidst a high degree of today’s hubbub is very tough. Pollution, arrival of puberty and hormonal changes enhance the break out of pimples.

Active acne usually is a consequence of chronic inflammatory skin condition. It is mostly common in teenagers but even adulthood is not necessarily spared by this condition. They appear like pimples on the back, face, chest, and neck. Although its appearance in the teenage is quite common but if left untreated then it may result in those nasty and stubborn scars, which may stay with your face like an unwanted buddy.

Thus, ignoring it merely because it is a common problem is perhaps not a wise decision. So, make sure you fight your acne scars with proper treatment to improve the tone and texture of your skin.

There are multiple options available for treatment of acne scars but one should choose the option wisely as per their type of skin. Sometimes, it can be really frustrating as the desired result may not be as quick and effective as expected. There is no one short treatment for acne scar reduction, thus having patience in whatever treatment you are opting is the key to a long lasting solution. To know which treatment suits you it is advised to have a detailed consultation with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist rather than going for a trial & error method which would be like experimenting on a caged rate for scientific purposes. Undoubtedly there are different skin care products available to treat acne scars but these may not be a permanent solution and may not work out for you to give you the desired results.

Fortunately for the innovative skin treatments your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can really do wonders to your acne scar problem. The best part in going with the professional advice of a cosmetic surgeon is they treat the problem by addressing the root cause. They would not just help you in getting rid of the nasty scars but would also suggest you to go for a treatment that addresses the breakout of active acne so that the problem of scars doesn’t show up again.

Some of the common techniques practiced by cosmetic surgeons for the treatment of scar reduction are:

  • 1) Soft tissue fillers: Adding collagen or fat beneath the skin and into indented scars can fill out or stretch the skin. Scars will be less noticeable. Results are temporary, so you would need to repeat the injections systematically.
  • 2) Laser resurfacing: Being an intensive procedure laser skin resurfacing focuses on removing the damaged layer of the skin and stimulating collagen production from beneath the skin surface. It is one of the widely trusted techniques for outstanding results in acne scar reduction. The most advanced technology in laser resurfacing is AcuPulse which is not only effective in reducing even deep scars but is also absolutely safe and free from complications.
  • 3) Dermabrasion: This is for the deep scars removal with a use of rapidly rotating wire brush. Surface scars may be completely eliminated as the dead skin cells at the top layer are completely buffed away.
  • 4) Chemical peeling: In this process, chemicals are used to lighten up the scars by peeling of the upper layer. Usually Phenol and TCA peels are used for chemical peeling which gives the skin a balanced tone and an improved skin texture. Chemical peels treat the skin from inside out which helps the skin to regenerate itself.
  • 5) Needling or rolling: This process requires rolling a needle-studded device atop the skin to stimulate underlying tissue. It’s a reliable, easy and possibly effective method for reducing acne scars.

Benefits of Acne Scar Reduction

  • 1) Get the blemish free skin that you have always wished for.
  • 2) Easy and safe cosmetic treatments.
  • 3) Cost Effective way to get rid of stubborn acne scars which won’t respond to skin care products.
  • 4) Boost up confidence with an attractive face with unblemished skin.


  • 1. Know about type of your skin
    This is the first step you come across in your successful treatment. Your skin may be reactive to change in weather and age. You get to know your skin better after the treatment so listen to it accordingly.
  • 2. Follow the routine
    Make sure that you follow the routine – cleanse your skin before bed and put some moisture when you are heading out for beach to spend your day under the sun. These small steps will certainly help you in maintaining the results. After all, a good habit doesn’t harm.
  • 3. Identify external and internal problem
    Know what causes your skin to break out. Once you identify the problem, you will know what treatment or product to choose.
  • 4. One product at a time
    Don’t blast your skin with everything you read on the internet. Choose the products suggested by your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist post acne scar treatment.
  • 5. Don’t over use
    Washing your face six-times a day and applying oil removal cream after every washing, will certainly not make the treatment faster. Just stick to your cosmetic surgeon’s opinion for maintaining the results.

We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic ensure that our patient gets the much desired respite from those obstinate acne scars which have kept flawless skin at bay for quite a while. We have an experienced dermatologist team and most advanced technology like AcuPulse to guide our patients and give them the best results they desire.

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