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Thinking about getting a Facelift? Read this before you make the choice

Youthful face is attractive. However youth is a passing stage in life. We all age but only a few of us are lucky to age gracefully. Apart from genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors also determine the extent of the loss of your old, youthful features. Fortunately a facelift treatment has become an efficient and affordable … Continue reading "Thinking about getting a Facelift? Read this before you make the choice"
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Fillers are injections to correct folds, provide support to facial tissues against sagging due to gravity/aging and also fill up areas where fat is deficient to give a more refreshed, youthful and vibrant look. With the latest techniques, it is possible to contour jawline making it sharper, add volume to the cheeks, improve the volume … Continue reading "5 MYTHS ABOUT FILLER INJECTIONS"

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