Body Contouring: Best Cosmetic Solution for an Attractive Body

Slim, curvy and a fit body is the standard for an attractive personality. However, simply shedding those extra kilos will not magically get you a firm and impressive body. Adverse weight loss often results in several areas retaining stubborn fat deposits. Weight loss also results in stretched, sagging skin all over. These and many such reasons compel tens of thousands of men and women to seek body-shaping procedures.

Thanks to cosmetic advanced, today it has become possible to get a successful and affordable body contouring treatment at the leading cosmetic clinics in India. Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab is the popular destination for hundreds of men and women to get into their most attractive body shape in India.

Who can choose to undergo Body Contouring treatment?

Firstly, cosmetic body contouring procedure is an umbrella term used to describe and blend of several popular cosmetic body procedures. These are aimed at improving the shape of your body to give it a proportional and attractive figure.

However, there are certain factors that help determine if a person is eligible for a cosmetic body contouring procedure. These are the factors to check and decide if you are an ideal candidate for a cosmetic body contouring procedure:

  • If you see sagging skin and small pockets of fat on parts of your body that mar the overall appearance.
  • If you have just experienced pregnancy and wish to regain the slimmer and more attractive body shape from earlier.
  • If you wish to reverse the signs of ageing, such as droopy skin and misshapen body contours.
  • If you are mentally and physically fit to undergo several small cosmetic procedures.
  • If you have a positive and realistic expectation with the end-result of the procedure in reshaping your body.

An extensive consultation with the best cosmetic experts at Refine Aesthetic Clinic will allay all your doubts. The cosmetologist will also help determine if you are ready to undergo cosmetic body contouring procedure.

How is Cosmetic Body Contouring treatment performed?

Cosmetic body contouring procedure involves using a number of proven aesthetic procedures on the various parts of your body to give you a new, fit and more attractive shape.

These are the top cosmetic techniques involved in providing cosmetic body contouring treatment at Refine Aesthetic Clinic:


Liposuction is a technique that helps to remove stubborn, small deposits of fat using a special surgical suction device called a cannula. It is a small, handheld tubular instrument which uses vacuum power to remove fat deposits from underneath your skin in different parts of your body. Very small (2-4 mm) incisions are required to insert the cannula under the skin. This makes it an efficient fat removal method.

Liposuction technique has been improved into three variants:

  • Tumescent Liposuction technique – In this liposuction method, the cosmetic surgeon will initially inject a sterile saline solution in the fat-ridden areas. The saline solution breaks down the fat cells swiftly. This makes it easier to remove the emulsified fat from the body.
  • Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction technique – In this, the cosmetic surgeon uses a special device that emits very powerful bet precise sound waves. The sound waves penetrated painlessly under the skin and vibrate the fat cells at a particular frequency. This eventually breaks down the fat tissue into its component self. This is then efficiently removed using the cannula.
  • Laser Assisted Liposuction technique – In this, the cosmetic surgeon uses a powerful and accurate handheld laser device. The laser beam penetrates the outer skin effortlessly and is tuned to affect only the fat cells stored underneath. The heat generated from the laser light melts the fat tissue completely. This is then easily removed using the cannula.

Each of these Liposuction techniques has its own pros and cons. A consultation with the expert cosmetic surgeon at Refine Aesthetic Clinic will help decide which is best-suited for your case.


A tummy tuck procedure is also known as an ‘Abdominoplasty’. It is aimed at removing excess fat and extra skin from your lower abdomen (tummy). The expert cosmetic surgeons at Refine Aesthetic Clinic use innovative and efficient surgical technique that helps avoid scarring and provide the most satisfactory results.

There are several different techniques used to perform a Tummy Tuck procedure. These are:

  • Mini Tummy Tuck – In this, cosmetic surgeon will only need to make very small incisions. In addition, the incisions are placed just over your groin. These allow the cosmetic surgeon to reach with small surgical instruments to remove the excess, unwanted fat stored underneath. Once the excess fat has been removed, the cosmetic surgeon will then remove the excess, saggy skin. The remaining skin is then carefully stretched over your (now slimmer) abdomen. This gives a flat and fit tummy.
  • Extended Tummy Tuck – In this, the cosmetic surgeon will make incisions from one hip to the other, going along your pubic region at the front. Apart from removing excess fat and extra skin, the cosmetic surgeon will also re-position your belly button to be proportionate to the slimmer and flatter tummy. The expertise of cosmetic surgeons will ensure to keep the scar hidden successfully under the natural fold-lines in your tummy.
  • Complete Tummy Tuck – In this, the cosmetic surgeon will make incisions going around your lower waist. This allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove the considerably large fatty tissue and remove extra, sagging skin as well.

Every technique for tummy tuck aims to remove the fatty deposits from your tummy and trim the skin to give it a perfect and slim look. The cosmetic surgeon will decide the best-suited tummy tuck technique for you mainly depending on the extent of fat and extra skin around your abdomen.


Cosmetic arm lift procedure is another essential aspect of body contouring treatment. In this, the cosmetic surgeon will aim to remove the excess fat and skin from your upper arm. Remaining fat deposits are clearly seen in the upper arms after weight loss. Hence, an arm lift helps to give definition to your upper body and give an overall attractive look.


A full body lift may also be part of your cosmetic body contouring treatment at Refine Aesthetic Clinic. This is highly-recommended for people who have undergone significant weight loss recently. The cosmetic surgeon will carefully use surgical instruments to remove the small stubborn fat deposits from different parts of your body. This is a collection of smaller surgical body shaping techniques to give an overall slimmer and more attractive look.

Why choose Refine Aesthetic Clinic for Body Contouring Treatment?

Refine Aesthetic Clinic has become the leader in providing efficient and cost-effective cosmetic treatments to patients in India. Using advanced cosmetic instruments and devices the expert cosmetologist and cosmetic surgeons provide world-class aesthetic treatment. Here, you can get a successful and affordable body contouring treatment easily.

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