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Breast Reduction: Modern women are a sign of developing nation and they believe in contributing their best to the society. Society’s perception has changed manifolds towards women’s growth. Women are also making their mark in almost every field. Be it a glamorous career or an athletic field women are giving their best in it. They are conquering all odds which are obstructing them to achieve their goals. But still, there are some women who have a low self-esteem due to their physical appearance and that thwarts them from achieving their dreams.

Breast reduction

Having a great personality and attitude helps anyone a lot to achieve their target. Sometimes maintaining a good personality is a complex task. Many women face personality issues because of their figure only. Most common figure problem that a woman faces is the bust size. Breast size is determined by several factors like hormonal changes, weight gain and loss, diet and lifestyle activities which affect the health cycle.

Breasts have been synonymous to a woman’s beauty since centuries. But sometimes having a large breast size is also a dilemma. Woman with a large breast size faces many problems like low self esteem and confidence, reluctance to socialize etc. Problems like neck and back pain, limitations to physical activities, shoulder pain, rashes these are some other major problems a woman has to face with bigger breasts.
But every problem has a solution and woman with an unwanted large bust size need not lose heart. Their problem has an answer in the name of Breast Reduction.

What is Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)?

Breast Reduction is a surgical process in which the breast size is reduced by removing the extra fat or excess glandular tissues to achieve the desired breast size according to the body proportion.

The objective of the surgery is to provide the desired breast size to a woman with improvement or eradicating of the health problems related with macromastia. The main thing is to understand is how much you want to remove and how much you want to leave because that part can be molded and shaped into the breast mound.

The goal of the surgery is to provide a woman with better shaped breasts proportional to the rest of her body as well as eliminating health problems associated with macromastia.

Breast reduction can be performed at any age but surgeons normally wait until breast development is complete that is in the late teens.


Usual candidates for breast reduction surgery are women who are not massively overweight but who have very large, pendulous breasts causing them physical discomfort.

Those who are anticipating children after this surgery must understand and accept that nipple sensation may change and breast feeding may be affected.

Breast reduction surgery creates one of the most immediate change in body image. The breasts become, smaller, rounder in shape and also the size of the areola decreases.


The surgeon ensures that the patient has stabilised the weight before the procedure.

The procedure is discussed in detail including the plan to have future pregnancies as it may affect the ability to breastfeed.

The technique to be used is discussed, preoperative photographs taken, breasts are measured and variables evaluated. The skin condition as well as position and size of the nipple areola complex is noted.

The scars that will be there on your breast surface are described. Scars, though fade with time, but will be visible when the breasts are uncovered have an important bearing on patient’s decision.

The medical history is noted, including the list of medications the patient is on and allergies.


Smoking is to avoided for a minimum of 4-6 weeks as it has profound effect on healing and blood flow.

Aspirin and othe NSAIDS are to be avoided as they prolong bleeding including certain vitamins and fish oil.

A mammogram may be recommended before the procedure depending upon the patient’s age for baseline comparison.

The patient is supposed to have someone to drive her back home after the procedure.


The procedure is tailored according to the requirement and amount to be resected. Most surgeries are performed using pedicle techniques in which the nipple remains attached to its blood supply and excess breast tissue is removed. The nerves also remain attached increasing the likelihood of preserved nipple sensation after the procedure.

A frequently used incision pattern is inverted T or anchor shaped incision.In this, one incision is made around the areola, another from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease and one more which runs horizontally beneath the breast. Different pedicle techniques are used with this kind of incision.

The excess of glandular tissue and fat is removed resulting in a breast with a higher position on chest wall and a more youthful appearance.

There are other incisions too which are used like vertical mammaplasty in which the horizontal incision beneath the breast tissue is not used resulting in lesser scar. The surgeon will decide depending upon a number of factors including the size and shape of the breasts and the desired amount of reduction.

Liposuction can also be combined with the procedure to help shape the breasts or reduce fatty tissue in the underarm area.

Post Op:

Many patients return home the same day while others may require overnight admission depending upon the length of the procedure and recovery from anaesthesia.

A small drain might be put to prevent fluid acuumulation in the breast.

The breasts are covered with gauze dressing , an elastic bandadge and a surgical bra.

The patient might have some pain, discomfort on moving for a week or so.

The patient is advised to be ambulating the next day after surgery and to avoid straining, bending, lifting for a few days.

A soft surgical bra is advised to be worn for 6-8 weeks.

The patient might experience loss of sensation in nipples and areola, which is usually temporary and may take several weeks to resolve.

The incision sites will remain reddish or pink for several months.

The patient is able to return to his normal activities within 2 weeks.

Breast Reduction can help you in many ways like:

  • 1) The main objective to have a perfect size breast can be achieved through this surgery.
  • 2) It is the permanent solution for the neck and back pain which a patient faces because of large breast size.
  • 3) It will help the patient to participate in physical activities regularly which other she was not able to do because of the bust size.
  • 4) It enhances the personality and helps to boost up the confidence.
  • 5) It will help the patient to get an attractive look and allow them to wear their desirable cloths.


  • 1) Patient has to avoid smoking and alcohol for some time. It can cause breathing problem.
  • 2) Avoid physical activity for some weeks after the surgery. Involving yourself in physical activities can damage the stitches which can cause clotting and infection.
  • 3) Patient has to take proper care while bathing to avoid infection. Dry up the area properly to avoid chances of infection.
  • 4) Avoid sleeping on stomach. Choose a proper sleeping posture at least for 4-6 weeks.
  • 5) Take proper care of the swelling at least for 4-6 weeks post surgery. Swelling is an issue which patient has to face after every surgery. The patient should deal with it calmly and patiently.

These are some precautions which patient should take care of to heal the surgical wounds easily and quickly.

We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic provide the best solution for Breast Reduction in India, Punjab . We believe that woman should always look good with an excellent personality and that nothing should deter her from having that. Dr. Prerna Mittal have a good experience in this field which helps the patient to achieve the desired shape and size for the breast. If you are hassled by a large bust size then going for Breast Reduction would be a great decision. We guide our patients at every stage by sharing the best knowledge about Reduction Mammaplasty. It will definitely enhance your personality and give a boost to your self-esteem to stand out in the society proudly and confidently.

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