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“I’ve been exercising for months to get a slender figure, but I do not really look toned or athletic.” This is one of the most typical response you hear from the people who have been exercising in a routine but couldn’t see fat in their body going anywhere. And it is a tremendous frustration that today, fortunately, can be solved in our country with a new type of liposuction: Lipo HD (high definition) or 4D.

The goal of a good surgeon is always the same: to help women and men increase their self-esteem, to be and feel good physically and mentally, with fewer scars and less recovery time. Using the traditional methods of surgery, it is, or rather it was an almost impossible task.

No matter how impeccable the surgery was, in cases of people with already stylized bodies it was extremely difficult to tone the muscles of the patients.

After some internet search, I came to know about Dr. Prerna Mittal, who have achieved a refinement in the art of liposculpture (I would rather call it an art because her work and the new technique really allows achieving results never before seen in the world of plastic surgery, with surgical techniques that also involve less pain and smaller scars).

This technique manages to sculpt the body in a minimally invasive way and with spectacular results. By using a machine called VASER, it destroys adipose tissue, characterizing muscles and athletic features of a person through the emulsion of fat cells. Thus, abdomen and arms become vigorous and attractive without the patient having to go through machine rooms or gyms.

What type of liposuction do you need?

The new technique called Lipo HD (because frankly, it is in “high definition”), manages to sculpt the human body in all its dimensions, delivering a harmonious and natural result. With high-intensity ultrasound (VASER) what is there is enhanced, which is not seen by that excess of fat or by the flaccid skin.

What I find most interesting about this technique is that for every need there is a different option with VASER HD technology. One of the surgeries that is more in vogue, especially in men, in these times is the abdominal marking with HD liposuction. The objective of this procedure is to get the skin to stick to the abdominal wall, making it possible to visualize each muscular structure of the treated area in order to obtain a more athletic appearance. In general, it means getting six pack abs is possible with HD liposuction.

In women however, the area that mostly swells, especially after childbirth is the tummy. The body of the woman obviously goes through many physical changes during pregnancy and childbirth. The main ones we work with are stretch marks, increasing body fat, stretching the skin, and stretching the abdominal muscles (called diastasis). Most people do not realize that it is not only the skin that is stretched, but that the muscles do too. The HD Liposuction provides excellent results in tummy tuck. It is a refined liposculpture (HD liposuction) technique that does more than just eliminate fat. The looks of a woman are dramatically changed and the cloths that did not fit begin to seem fine now.

Another application is for the so-called “bat wings” that are hated by most women. It is the HD Lipo for arms for cases of excess skin, with mild or moderate laxity. It is a minimally invasive surgery with tiny incisions located in the elbow and the armpit. The scars are almost invisible, which is a breakthrough compared to Brachioplasty.

And the fourth is the HD buttock technique, which considers the general outline of the body, highlighting thighs and lower back by transferring fat instead of using implants (without discarding them). Liposculpture is performed with small incisions in the fold that joins the buttocks and thighs, injecting the adequate volume of fat to achieve a natural symmetry. In this way, a stretched and rejuvenated skin is obtained, giving a very attractive appearance.

Ageing, sometimes, generates effects that – many times – can only be reversed with surgery. But achieving the “gym effect” was unthinkable at a clinic until now. Our country already has Vaser technology and professionals (at least one at this moment) to obtain satisfactory results for patients.

Over the last few years, Liposuction has proven to be the best surgical technique to reshape the body; It allows eliminating those localized fat accumulations that diets and exercise fail to remove from one’s body.

Thanks to the technological advances incorporated into this technique with the appearance of Ultrasonic Liposuction, body remodelling has extended its scope to older people or with worse skin quality, decreasing postoperative discomfort and shortening patients’ recovery time.

It’s about achieving the look you desire

Liposuction is not only useful when it comes to completely reshape the body, but this technique can also help those people who feel annoyed by the fat located in a specific area of ​​their body; that alters the way they dress, makes them uncomfortable in their daily lives or makes them nervous more than ever when it comes to putting on a swimsuit. One of the areas where this accumulation of fat is particularly annoying or unsightly is in the waist and abdomen; the famous floats that compliment women and men and that no diet or exercise can give a definitive solution.

Liposuction allows, using minimal and hidden incisions, to reduce the contour of the waist by 2 or 3 sizes. It can eliminate fat from the abdomen, including the one located in the upper abdominal part, so annoying for women; It is also very effective to eliminate “floaters” or “love handles” around the waist, especially in men.

And all this with a simple surgical intervention provided it is performed by a specialized Plastic Surgeon, which is performed under local anaesthesia, without hospital admission.

The surgeon will evaluate your general condition, existing fat deposits and the condition of your skin, especially tone and firmness. Once your case is analyzed, it will indicate the available alternatives and will recommend the most recommended surgical technique.

Choosing the right surgeon and the right clinic

Now that you know more about the techniques to carry out this procedure, it is important that before making a decision, you submit to a medical evaluation by your treating surgeon, in this way you will be ensuring the success of the procedure.

Dr Prerna Mittal is one of the best plastic surgeons in Punjab and India, so if you are already determined that this is something you want to do, do not end up in the hands of any doctor, but only the best.

The place of the operation is the first point in this aspect to consider. In a dialogue with, Dr Prerna Mittal, she commented: “If the surgery is prolonged too long, it can generate a decompensation due to blood loss.” If the patient is not in good physical condition, because he lost weight irregularly, there may also be some type of risk, and another fact that should always be taken care of is that since it is a single surgery, in general, it should not be done in any place unless it is equipped as a surgical centre.”

“Complications exist not only for liposuction but for any surgical procedure, they all carry a risk, which is why it is important to choose a good place first-level clinics, where they have the appropriate means, where the therapist will answer you, where anaesthetics have all the resources, so as to minimize the risks of complications,” recommended Dr Prerna.

So, following are the conclusive points to consider before you choose the surgeon. 

The certification

The first decision that faces a patient, who wants to perform an aesthetic surgical procedure, is the surgeon’s choice and to avoid falling into inexperienced hands or be operated in places where they are not equipped with the necessary tools to face an emergency. You should, therefore, look for a specialist that is certified.

A doctor who is certified has to endorse every five years that their knowledge is up-to-date and in accordance with international procedures and standards. His/her certification is quality control, which is endorsed by one or more associations of aesthetic plastic surgeons.

Recovery and change of life

The time it takes for a patient to recover from liposuction depends on the treated areas, but in general, it is an outpatient surgery, it is admitted in the morning and the patient is discharged at the end of the day.

A good surgeon is willing to provide you what precautions and preventions you need to adhere to post-surgery. For example, it is appropriate to wear pressure garments to help the body recover from the operation, as well as to re-adapt the skin to the new body shape.

03 Liposuction Before After (Male)

The cost

The price of plastic surgery varies a lot, but one carried out by a certified and capable professional, should be affordable but not cheap, everything depends on the doctor and the place where the procedure will be carried out.

The first consultation with the doctor

During the first consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your body mass index, your weight, the firmness of the skin and the general state of health. In some cases, certain studies will be requested to corroborate the state of health such as electrocardiogram, blood and urine tests, among others that the surgeon considers appropriate. The technique to be used will be explained, the areas to be worked on and improved and the estimated amount of fat to be eliminated.

It is important that in this first consultation you explain to the doctor all the doubts you have about liposuction, about the postoperative period or recovery time. Clarify the doubts that you have about the type of anaesthesia to be used, the time of hospitalization and the general price of the surgery.

The consequences

When you are determined to go through an aesthetic procedure, however, simple it may seem, you must be sure to be in the hands of a professional to avoid consequences that may damage your health and prevent you from applying fillings that the body does not absorb and can cause damage to the immune system.

A professionally trained doctor does not recommend the same treatment and drugs to different people and knows what is best for different body types.

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