How to Get the Best Hair Transplant

Premature baldness has become increasingly common today. Tens of thousands of men and even women all over the world ask about permanent and best solutions to treat this unfortunate condition. We all love our hair and losing their lush thickness and the receding hairline worry people to stressful conditions at times.

Cosmetic hair transplant procedure is an ideal solution for such a case.

What is Hair Transplant treatment?

Hair transplant is the term used to denote a cosmetic surgical procedure which is aimed at removing healthy hair from the hairy areas of your head and planting these on to the balding patch. It is performed by certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

Thanks to innovations in cosmetic science, today cosmetic hair transplant is performed using several procedures.

When to choose Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is recommended for men and women who suffer from premature or unwanted baldness. Abnormal hair loss can result from several factors, including:

  • Genetic
  • Dietary
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Diseases and Disorders
  • Medications and Drugs

At times, our lifestyle and environmental factors also come in play and cause unwanted or premature balding in men and women.

Hair transplant is recommended for men and women who suffer from premature or unwanted baldness. Abnormal hair loss can result from several factors, including:In case you notice abnormal loss of hair at a comparatively younger age, then it is highly recommended to consult with an expert dermatologist or cosmetic specialist to determine if you are an ideal candidate for undergoing cosmetic hair transplant.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant surgery?

An ideal candidate for cosmetic hair transplant is someone who is suffering from a form of premature baldness or unwanted hair loss. There is no available topical treatment that can successfully re-grow hair in balding patches.

Apart from this, the common factors that help to determine an ideal candidate for a cosmetic hair transplant procedure are:

  • Having sufficient hair to harvest from (usually at the back of the head)
  • Being overall physically healthy
  • Non-smoker
  • Having practical and realistic expectations with the end results

A consultation with a learned dermatologist or a skilled cosmetic surgeon can help to determine if you are an ideal candidate for a cosmetic hair transplant procedure.

What are the types of Hair Transplant procedures?

Cosmetic hair transplant procedures are performed using one of three common techniques today. Although the specific techniques may vary the main aim remains to remove healthy hair follicles (hair roots) from one spot and re-plant these in the balding spot.

Check out the top three effective techniques to perform cosmetic hair transplant:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) –FUT technique of hair transplant is older and more conventional in comparison. It requires the cosmetic surgeon to carefully remove a thin strip of your scalp (along with the healthy hair follicles). The strip usually measures less than an in across and runs behind the head, from ear to ear. This is the source of collecting functional hair follicles. Once these are carefully harvested, the cosmetic surgeon will use a handheld device to make tiny, symmetrical puncture holes on the balding spot. These incisions are used to plant the healthy hair follicles which soon begin to grow and cover your bald spot effectively.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) –FUE technique of hair transplant is more modern and less-invasive. The cosmetic surgeon will shave the area with healthy hair follicles that re to be harvested for transplanting. Instead of removing a strip of your scalp, the surgeon uses advanced automated equipment to locate and remove healthy hair follicles from the back of your head. The same automated device will also carefully make the small pinhole incisions on the balding patch. Once the healthy hair follicles are successfully removed and sorted, these will be carefully planted in the incision. The hair follicles then grow hair that covers the balding patch successfully.
  • Body Hair Transplant– This procedure follows a similar technique to remove hair, but instead of the back of the head, the healthy hair follicles are collected from a heavily haired part of your body.

Each of these procedures has its own pros and cons, and an expert cosmetic surgeon will help to decide the best-suited cosmetic hair transplant technique in your case.

Where to get the best cosmetic Hair Transplant treatment?

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