Bid Farewell To Hairlessness

Compliments to a good hair style can really make your day. With good voluminous hair it usually becomes a habit to glance at the hair style in a mirror whether one is moving out or entering any place. This largely holds true for both men and women. So thinning of hair and receding hair line comes as a shock to those who once had dense locks.

Maintaining an awesome looking hairstyle is a challenging job in this hectic lifestyle. Rise in pollution, dust, impure water, hair products with harmful chemicals, genetics these are some major hostile conditions for maintaining a thick hair cover.

It has been observed that hormonal fluctuations and genetic issues promote hair loss at a very young age now. People have tried lots of therapies, treatments, products etc to rescue their beloved hair. These solutions may be effective and may have shown results to people but they can’t be termed fully beneficial. There are still a large majority of people who are always looking for a second chance to restore their hair again. Due to advancements in medical science and cosmetology in particular, life presents a productive chance to people who are looking to regain their hair again by the process called Hair Restoration.

What is Hair Transplant?

This is a surgical technique to reestablish the hair by transplanting the hair from the back scalp to bald portion. It is for this reason that Hair Restoration is also known as Hair Transplant surgery. This process involves some grafting methods like mini, micro, punch or strip grafts which are suitable to treat moderate baldness or thinning hair.

The surgeon may perform one or multiple sessions for transplantation depending upon patient’s condition. During the mega-session surgery, approx 1000-2500 micro or mini grafts of the patient’s own hair can be implanted. In this surgical process, numerous tiny grafts are performed by the surgeon to provide the natural looking hairline to the patient concerned.

There are few more techniques which are famous in India for Hair Restoration.

1) FUE hair transplant Follicular Unit Extraction is an advanced practice and in this technique, the patient will not feel the pain at all. Additionally there is no need bother about the scars. Stitches will not be there so the patient is safe from the infection as well.

2) FUT hair Transplant FUT hair transplant is pretty much related to FUE with only difference in the manner the hair is plucked. In this, a strip of hair around 0.8 inches to an inch is exerted from ear to ear and there on the area is sutured. This strip is slivered & dissected under the sophisticated microscope into singular grafts and inserted in bald portion.

This technique is best suited for the areas like the upper back or male breast which have more tissue.

3) Body hair transplant This is a process of transplanting the hair from one part of the body to the desired area where the patient wants the hair implant.

Above mentioned are some techniques which are in demand in India. There are some more techniques which surgeon can employ depending upon the patient’s wish and other anatomical conditions.

Benefits of the Hair Transplant

  • 1) This is the safest process to get rid of the baldness that is approved by the medical experts. It also helps to regain the hair naturally.
  • 2) Maintenance cost for the transplanted hair is very low. This hair is like natural hair, therefore, no need to use expensive products to maintain it.
  • 3) It is the best investment for hair treatment for a long period. So there is no need to worry about the cost you are going to spend for your hair.
  • 4) The best part of this surgery is the patient can get rid of the blandness happily.


  • 1) Avoid alcoholic beverages at least for few days after the surgical procedure.
  • 2) Keep yourself away from the physical activities.
  • 3) Don’t take any un-prescribed medicines to avoid the pain or any other irritation.
  • 4) keep your upper body propped up to avoid the injury.

We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic are known to offer the best Hair Restoration treatment to our patients. Our patients are very much satisfied with their investment in hair treatment upon the results achieved. With the experts at Refine Aesthetic people can continue enjoying their life without worrying about losing their hair cover or scanty hair locks. It is always our endeavor to send all our patients with naturally good looking hair just like their yesteryears.

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