Facing an acne problem and worried about acne scars? Looking out for the effective acne scar treatments to avoid these acne scars? Then, your worries end here as we have an answer for your question and it is AcuPulse.

AcuPulse is a complete ablative laser resurfacing treatment for acne scars. Laser resurfacing is one of the most effective ways of minimizing and clearing acne scars.

AcuPulse comes with the most advanced technology for all aesthetic resurfacing needs. It helps in reducing scars, even deep ones, likewise repairs the damaged skin and improves the skin tone. It is getting popular amongst the youth all over the globe. It proves effective for treating various types of scars, such as shallow round, icepick,or deep scars. Acne Scar revision reconstructs your skin’s structure, and vitalizes it to regenerate itself. With AcuPulse treatments, a patient starts seeing a noticeable improvement in his/ her acne scars after just one single session. As soon as the skin starts healing after the treatment, one will start noticing an improvement in the tone and touch of your acne scars. Your overall appearanceand skin tone will start appearing smoother. It’s comes with a special ability to reach the desired depth rapidly.

The Benefits of AcuPulse are:

Utmost Safety :

AcuPulse is completely safe, simple, and free of complications. It treats safely superficial facial lines, sun damage or wrinkled skin and effectively treats deep irregular scars too. It effectively improves many dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions with less side effects It involves minimal downtime due to the latest technologies and customized treatment modes.


It treats skin furrows and other irregularities easily resulting in a more comfortable treatment and makes the recovery experience of the patient better. The tiny group of microbeams in AcuPulse does not cause much damage like traditional ablative treatments.

Advanced Technology:

Acupluse comes with the most advanced scanner technology and offers a varied choice of energy, frequency, scanning shape and size selections. This enables patients to have customized treatment specifications suiting their conditions for achieving the best treatment.

Less Interruption :

Depending on the various kind of treatments, most of the fractional laser skin treatment patients can get back to their normal daily activities in non-ablative treatments almost immediately just after a day or two and in ablative treatments it generally takes 4-5 days.

How does it work?

The AcuPluse fractional laser skin treatments create minute channels for removing the small portions of scar tissues and trigger the making of new collagen and elastic fibers while leaving some unaffected skin between the channels to decrease healing time. In this treatment, some narrow but deep columns are created into the dermis with the help of an array of intense laser energy microbeams. Generally, the base of the scar is cured in a deeper mode and the adjoining unaffected area is treated lightly to achieve even and satisfying results. During the treatment, one can expect the session to last roughly around 30-40 minutes. During the treatment, one may feel a warm sensation but there is nothing to worry it is just because of laser treatment. The body’s usual healing process generates new and healthy tissues and makes it healthier.

Number of treatments required

An acne scar treatment generally requires three- four treatments for best scar reduction, which may vary depending upon the skin type. For all those patients who are looking out for a treatment around the eyes, mouth and cheeks, usually two to three treatments are required. If you are planning to get rid of all these stubborn and untreated acne scars, Refine Aesthetic Clinic is there to help you achieve the same. Headed by Dr. Prerna Mittal, one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab, we are an authorized provider of Lumenis energy-based treatments. Our Acne Scar Revision modifies your skin’s structure and stimulates it to regenerate itself. Thereby helping in improving both the tone and the texture of your acne scars.

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