We at Refine Clinic provide the safest, most advanced and best laser hair removal treatment with SOPRANO ICE PLATINUM. Our state of the art facility has the best of machines in its quiver. You name it, we have it.

Pristine Microdermabrasion

Looking for an overall improvement in the quality of your skin? Pristine microdermabrasion holds all the answers for you. Pristine is one of the best technologies for the treatment of a plethora of skin issues. Pristine microdermabrasion specializes in exfoliating dead cells from skin’s surface and cleansing the pores from inside out. The advanced skin exfoliation refreshes the blood flow and stimulates collagen production which results in enhancement of skin appearance. Pristine treatment comes with absolute safety and is free from any complications. Say hello to the perfect solution for skin problems like ageing and stretch marks in the easiest way possible.

3 Face

Facial blemishes are a thing of the past with the revolutionary 3 Face by GP. One of the finest machines for photofacials, 3 Face is considered exceptional in treating skin imperfections and epidermis diseases. As the name suggests, 3 Face combines 3 technologies in one machine for varied facial treatments like orbital microdermabrasion to mechanical micropulsations. Be it checking the early signs of ageing, wrinkles, getting respite from active acne, or overall improvement in the skin texture and radiance, 3 Face renders an integrated solution to such skin problems. The machine comes with an orbital handpiece with HBLM technology and the facial micro massage it provides is suitable for people with different skin types and age groups. 3 Face by GP is very easy to use and less time taking with every session taking around approximately 30 minutes. The patients are happy as not only it is safe and effective but also the results are long lasting.

Face Infusion

Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery there is no dearth of machines that help treating various skin flaws. Face Infusion by GP in another such machine that helps people achieve the healthy skin and rejuvenated looks by removing skin imperfections by spraying active ingredients on the skin. These active ingredients are mainly skin nourishing serums which penetrate deep to remove dead cells, improve blood circulation and impart a fresh glow and radiance to the skin. There are usually 4 serums each with effective ingredients meant for different skin issues. Face Infusion combines electroporation with microdermabrasion that helps improve blood circulation and collagen production.

Sopranoice Platinum

Hassled with messy body hair growth? Not anymore! Refine Aesthetic Clinic is the proud owner of the most advanced solution for permanent hair reduction. Sopranoice Platinum comes with the innovative technology that combines 3 wavelengths in one applicator. The trio clustered diode technology of the machine comes with a proven safety record and provides effective results for all skin types including dark and tanned skin. Whether fine or coarse hair, Sopranoice Platinum gives you a chance to get rid of them permanently through virtually painless sessions which give a massage like sensation. The machine is best suited for all parts of the body including sensitive areas like bikini line, ears etc. People can now bid farewell to unwanted body hair and say hello to feather smooth skin with minimal downtime. With Sopranoice Platinum patients can return to their normal routine including work out in almost no time. Take a break from those nagging waxing schedules and say adios to unwelcome body hair with the power of 3.


Perturbed with acne scars? Worry no more while AcuPulse is there to your rescue! Equipped with the most advanced technology, AcuPulse is effective in treating various kinds of acne scars even deep ones. As a part of scar revision the machine not only reconstructs the damaged skin but also works towards overall skin revitalisation. The patients can see remarkable improvement after just one session. Once the healing starts after the treatment the skin starts showing a smoother appearance.

AcuPulse works on the basis of laser skin resurfacing. Microbeam of intense laser energy creates minute channels in the epidermis which remove the scar tissues and stimulate production of new elastic fibres and collagen. During the session the patient may feel a warm sensation which is dur to this laser energy only. Approximately every session lasts for around 30 to 40 minutes and for best results in acne scars a patient is expected to go through 3-4 sessions of AcuPulse treatment.

The benefits of AcuPulse are immense. It is an absolutely safe and simple treatment for correcting skin imperfections. With a minimal downtime patients go through a better recovery experience with noticeable and long lasting results.

Q Switched Laser


Regretting that Tattoo? Or vexed with those unwelcome spots, freckles and blemishes? Well you can put all your anxiety away with the Q Switched Laser Treatment. The machine is considered very effective in correcting pigmentation that may appear in the form of colored spots or sun spots. Q Switched Laser gives out laser beam which is targeted on to the affected area. The patient may feel this laser energy in the form of a warm sensation. In very simple words, this laser beam defragments the spots within the skin tissues without effecting the surrounding skin. The treatment is absolutely safe for Indian skin and provides exceptionally noticeable results against hyper pigmentation. The patients are more than happy as they can get back to their normal life in no time with a delightfully flawless skin.