Learn all about Laser Hair Removal in India

Smooth silky skin is utmost desirable by women. Even though body hair is natural, we do find new and inventive solutions to get rid of them. Shaving, waxing, electrolysis and a load of topical hair removal solutions are available on the market today however these are all temporary and become expensive in the long run.

Cosmetic laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair permanently. Leading cosmetic clinics in India, such as Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab offer top-class laser hair removal treatment that gives you feather soft and silky smooth skin.

Laser Hair Removal in India

Laser hair removal treatment involves using an advanced handheld laser device which emits a thin but powerful beam of laser light. The laser beam is set at a frequency which allows it to pass through the skin effortlessly. It is tuned to only affect the roots of the hair which are targeted for removal. Once the roots are destroyed with the heat generated from the laser beam, the area becomes void of hair and prevents new hair from growing. Thus, laser hair removal treatment gives you permanently hairless and smooth skin.

Cosmetic laser hair removal

Cosmetic laser hair removal in India at Refine is not only efficient but also cost-effective too. Performed by expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Prerna Mittal, the laser hair removal treatment at Refine Clinic leaves you looking and feeling more beautiful and attractive.

Lasting Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in India

Let’s check out some of the permanent and lasting benefits of undergoing Laser Hair Removal at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab:

1 – Painless permanent hair removal
Apart from calibrating the laser beam to penetrate the skin, the
cosmetic surgeon
also takes extra care to make the treatment as painless as possible. Expert cosmetic surgeons, such as Dr. Mittal at Refine Clinic use a special cooling gel or a similar cooling technique to prevent you from feeling the heat of the laser beam when the treatment is underway.

2 – Noticeable results
Although it may take multiple sessions of laser hair removal to get rid of the fine hair on certain parts of the body, the results are seen anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks. If you are prompt for every laser hair removal session at Refine Clinic, you will see noticeably incredible results soon.

3 – Quick and permanent hair removal
A laser hair removal session normally lasts around 20 minutes. The expert cosmetic surgeons plan the number of sessions required for noticeable results depending on the individual’s natural body hair growth. However, laser hair removal is completely an outpatient procedure which does not require any downtime.

4 – Prevents ingrown hair
Apart from removing the visible body and facial hair, the laser hair removal treatment is also highly effective in preventing the irritating and often painful ingrown hair. As the laser beam destroys the hair at the root level, the hairs above or below the skin (ingrown hair) are unable to grow any longer.

5 – Affordable hair removal solution
Cosmetic laser hair removal is incredibly cost-saving when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair. As compared to the expense of frequently shaving, waxing or using other methods of hair reduction, laser hair removal proves to be amazingly affordable in the long run.

For a smoother, younger and more attractive skin choose to get a satisfactory laser hair removal treatment in India now by calling in and booking your appointment at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab.

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