Lip Filler Treatment

Lip Filler Treatment with Natural Look at Refine Clinic

Lips are certainly not only the most expressive but also the most attractive facial features. Our lips can express what we are thinking and a simple smile is enough for people to like you in an instant. However not all of us are happy with the size and shape of our lips. The expert cosmetic surgeons at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana handle hundreds of men and women each month who are not satisfied with the shape or proportion of their original lips.
Cosmetic lip filler treatment is an excellent and efficient non-surgical aesthetic treatment to restore youthful look to your lips or to give them a more attractive look as well.

What is Lip Filler treatment?

Lip filler treatment is a completely minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. It involves using artificial filler material to add lost volume in your lips. This cosmetic surgery is also excellent to reshape abnormal-looking lips into more proportionate and attractive form.
Lip filler treatment is classified as a least invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatment as it does not require the cosmetic surgeon to surgical incisions. The cosmetic surgeon is only required to use a thin, long needle attached to a syringe to perform this aesthetic treatment and give you well-shaped and beautiful lips fast.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Lip Filler treatment?

There are several simple factors that can help to determine if any person is an ideal candidate for a cosmetic lip filler treatment.
Check out these aspects which help the expert cosmetic surgeons at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana to decide if you in the condition to undergo this procedure.
• You have considerably thin lips
• You feel your lips are not the right proportion to the rest of your facial features.
• You wish to restore the lost volume in your lips which happened as a result of advancing age.
• You wish to restore the youthful, luscious lips which you had when you were young.
Apart from these factors, the cosmetic surgeon will also determine if you are in an overall healthy condition, if you have any underlying medical disorder which may get aggravated with the use of fillers, whether you are allergic to the filler being used as well as your outlook and expectations with the end results.

How is Lip Filler treatment performed?

Lip filler treatment is completely minimally invasive and does not require making any incisions hence it is performed as an outpatient procedure at Cocoon Refine in Ludhiana. There are several types of fillers that are available to choose from. The expert cosmetic surgeon will inform you the best-suited filler material.
Once the preparations are completed, the cosmetic surgeon needs to carefully inject the filler material at several places along your lips using a fine, long-needle syringe. The cosmetic surgeon takes care to inject and distribute the filler material evenly over the lips, to ensure natural and proportionate lips.
Once the cosmetic surgeon is satisfied with the effects of injecting filler the surgery is completed, which usually last less than 30 minutes on an average.

Why choose to get Lip Filler Treatment at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana?

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