Life is full of surprises and unexpected things. However, sometimes the surprises can be quite unwelcome especially if it concerns your body or looks. If an artistic piece is placed wrongly it can spoil the whole beauty. Same things may happen in life as well when you get the beautiful symbols or spots in a wrong place.

Moles are considered as the sign of beauty enhancer but if it is not at the right place, it can be an element of unattractiveness instead of grace.

Blemish-free flawless skin seems like an overwhelming desire to limitless people. A single mole or wart can play havoc with your peace of mind, making you extremely embarrassed about your looks.

There are several people who feel that their overall personality is being ruined due to a single mole or wart placed on their face where they do not feel good about. Also there are certain people who do not wish to have moles or warts anywhere altogether. Hence in order to get rid of such moles and warts you should opt for a Mole or Wart Removal treatment. With the mole or wart removal treatment, you can start thinking about boasting of a charming, flawless and glowing skin.

What is Mole or Wart Removal Treatment?

This is the surgical treatment used to eliminate moles and warts that are undesired by the patients. There are several techniques involved in the surgical procedure. However, surgeons use Shave Excision more often.

When is a shave excision executed?

Shave excision is a surgical technique that a surgeon uses to remove unwanted growths like moles and warts from your body. The procedure is preferred because not only it is less invasive but also free from complications and less costly. Another advantage of this procedure is that the scars are less noticeable.

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Wart Removal

How does Process work?

  • 1) The procedure starts with the injecting of local anesthesia.
  • 2) Then surgeon starts making incisions horizontally around the moles.
  • 3) They may perform electrosurgical feathering applying a small dermal loop electrode to shape the edges of the wound. Feathering helps to eliminate cells from the extension that have been left behind and decreases scarring by combining the edges of the wound with the surrounded skin.
  • 4) The surgeon may apply some chemical such as aluminium chloride hexahydrate to the skin to block bleeding.
  • 5) Further doctor cleans the surgical part and applies an antibiotic ointment to heal that wound.
  • 6) In the final step dressing of the cut takes place to protect it from infection.


  • 1) If the doctor assumes the growth may be cancerous, then some portion of the affected area is sent for testing in the Lab. The further decision could be made on the basis of the test’s results.
  • 2) In the meantime, patient is advised keeping the operated area dry at least for 24 hours.
  • 3) Change the bandage as per the doctor’s suggested time.
  • 4) Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Keep the wound properly covered.
  • 5) Don’t use any antibiotic to get relief from irritation and itching.

Ask the surgeon in case of any discomfort.

The excision portion may be red for some weeks, but it will slowly get lighter. Healing process takes some time, try to be patient.


  • 1) It helps the patients to get rid of unwelcome moles and warts and flaunt their flawless skin.
  • 2) Get relief from the fear of getting skin cancer.
  • 3) Boosts up the confidence with the perfect look the patient desires.
  • 4) It is the cost-effective way to get relief from undesired moles and warts.
  • 5) The procedure is free from complications.
We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic help our patients to get flawless skin just the way they want by removing the moles and warts in a very safe manner. We guide the patients throughout the whole procedure through appropriate counseling to avoid the risk of the infection. It is important that our patients stay aware of the infections causing situations to get the positive outcome of the treatment. Say bye bye to those unwanted moles in the safest way with us.
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