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The New-Age Smart Nose (Rhinoplasty) – Refine Clinic Ludhiana

Who is not mesmerized by the splendid lives and glamorous faces of actresses of Bollywood and Hollywood?

Such slender bodies, shapely features and flawless complexion! Isn’t it too much to be awed about?

Are they truly blessed or is it the silent magic of science? You may wonder sometimes but the secret of their incredible beauty is the sleek, slender and shapely nose, courtesy the new-age technological ‘Rhinoplasty’ or the ‘Nose Job’ as it is commonly known.

Ask the evergreen beauty Shilpa Shetty or the damsel from the lineage of Kamal Hassan- Shruti Hassan and check out their faces pre and post surgeries. The results have been amazing and they look so chic post their nose job. There are tremendous examples in the beauty world swearing by the blessing this magic tool renders. The iconic beauty Angela Jolie is proof of the beauty enhancement with the right shape and size of the nose. (We silently offer to ignore the nose job gone awry in case of Raakhi Sawant, her attitude was perhaps not too nose friendly.)

What is Rhinoplasty?

Correcting the Deformity by Birth: Any deformity during birth or from childhood can easily be rectified with this simple surgery. You might be having a sloppy nose, courtesy heredity or disproportionate nasal features by birth. Do not stress about it. Rhinoplasty is surely a magical wand for face upliftment. You will feel more confident than ever before.

Reforming Any Accident Injury: God forbade if any accident happens and any injury or facial disfigurement occurs, which is likely to make the face look a bit tad, can easily be reformed with Rhinoplasty. You might be left with a scar in your heart and mind, but your face and outward appearance will be uber-confident.

Cures Breathing Difficulty: Actress Shruti Hassan is a testimonial example of Rhinoplasty who had breathing troubles and this surgery could cure them. In case of any breathing traumas, this surgery is a boon and can cure the breathing woes.

Two Types of Nose Surgeries

Rhinoplasty can, thus, alter the shape of the nose to make you look attractive or cure the breathing traumas faced by you. There are two types of Nose surgeries:

  1. Reconstructive Surgery: The aim of this surgery is to annihilate all breathing issues and get the patient rid of the breathing troubles.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery: This surgery aims at enhancing the features and beautifying the looks of the patient. After all, who doesn’t want to stay and look younger with passing years?

What is done technically?

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Technically, the upper part of the nose is a bone and the lower part is cartilage. The process of Rhinoplasty can change bone, cartilage or skin or even all three, contingent on the requirements. The gravity of the surgery will depend on what you want and what is the ultimate target. The following changes can be targeted with Rhinoplasty:

  • You can expect a change in the size of the nose.
  • You can even ask for a change in the angle of the nose (crooked nose makes you look ugly).
  • The tip of the nose can be reshaped to give it a slender look.
  • Nostrils can be narrowed and shaped.
  • Nasal width can be reduced (Alarplasty).
  • The tip of the noise can be reduced too.
  • You can expect the upper bridge to be straightened.

This surgery isn’t a cosmetic surgery alone. It is aimed at corrective measures too when the patient has breathing troubles. The wall that divides the nostrils called septum is straightened and aids in breathing easily. The ‘corrective’ surgery aims at the following disfigurements:

  • Straightening the nasal wall called septum so that breathing is facilitated.
  • Removal of polyps, which are external small growths inside the nasal passage obstructing the flow of oxygen to breathe. (Polyps can sometimes be fatal too).
  • Shrinking the size of turbinates- These are the nasal tissues which grow abnormally large and hamper the breathing process.

You have to discuss at length with your surgeon and tell him/ her requirements. You should be extrovert in telling the problems and seek a full understanding of the processes available to make you look chic.

Are There Any Side-effects?

There aren’t any visible scars as major incisions are made inside the nose and are generally invisible too. There may be a scar on the base of the nose, which can easily fade away with time. The whole process of Rhinoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia and hence doesn’t even hurt the patients. The anesthesia will numb the face and nose and minimize the pain or sensation for the patient.

Isn’t it amazing that you will look so fabulous with pain, not even one-tenth as compared to that during waxing?

Duration of the Surgery

The surgery is a one-day outpatient surgery and you might not be even required to stay overnight in the hospital. Though post-surgery you might be required to stay at home for a week and not get back to work immediately as you would be required to wear a precautionary nasal splint. Maybe you are prohibited to drive for a while too. Expect a mild swelling too for a short time. Rest there isn’t any major complication that will make you think twice.

Majorly, the desired results are obtainable in the first go. Yet there is a bleak chance that cosmetic surgery doesn’t satisfy the customer fully as shown by the apps or the computer graphics. In that case, the patient can go for a minor repair oriented second surgery.

Can Rhinoplasty Go Wrong?

This is one common myth or doubt in the patient who doesn’t want to experiment with just any look or pay for anything less than desirable. However, if you follow the norms and follow the right and authentic ‘Rhinoplastic surgeon’, chances are zilch that anything undesirable or quirky crops up. If you are in the safe and right hands, rest assured, you will emerge as a beauty personified figure!

How to Choose the Doctor?

Nose is the first thing that determines your overall appearance and is the first thing that speaks about your personality. Nose is the major aesthetic unit describing the face’s strength and character. Having the right size and shape of the nose is all so easily possible and preferable. It is the need of the hour to outsmart others and look impeccable. The choice of the surgeon will continue to affect you for a long time, maybe a couple of years. So it has to be a prudent choice.

A plethora of factors can help you decide which surgeon is the best for you. The following list curates the factors you need to consider before zeroing upon a doctor or hospital:

  1. Board Certification

The surgeon should be qualified by the board to perform surgeries and should be entitled to a genuine Board Certificate. The surgeon should have passed the education, training and experience criteria of the Board before entering into Rhinoplasty.

  1. Experience

This is, yet again, useful and relevant criteria as only an experienced surgeon will assure you of the benefits and pitfalls, if any. An experienced surgeon increases the rate of success and the percentage of certainty.

You can go ahead and question the surgeon as to the number of years in the respective field, the number of surgeries performed effectively and the ratio of surgeries which have failed.

  1. Customer Feedback

You can ask for references of the patients who have got a surgery done on similar lines as you desire and can connect for feedback. Such calls are direct from horse’s mouth and generally likely to be genuine.

  1. Ambiance and Staff

The place should be aesthetically appealing, clean and hygienic. Also, the attitude of the staff and care quotient are big factors affecting your decision. The staff should be hospitable, kind and soft-spoken to be able to take genuine care of the patients.


Come to a good surgeon like Dr. Prerna Mital and brim with confidence for all the years to come. Make a random choice of an inexperienced surgeon and brood with the money and time going awry; leave aside the heartache you face with all the post-surgery disfigurement. Dr. Prerna Mittal is a renowned name in the field of cosmetic surgeries, specializing in Rhinoplasty. With a rock solid educational background and innumerable workshops and certificates to her credit, she is one name you cannot go wrong with.

Dr. Prerna Mittal is a woman Cosmetic surgeon of an international class who treats her patients with utmost care. Her clinic, Refine Clinic, is one name which has established testimonials and a long list of satisfied customers, vouching for the quality, results and patient safety. With her talented hands, the patient is sure to get a magical makeover. Each year she performs thousands of cosmetic surgeries with a 99% satisfaction rate. Since your nose is strategically placed to give your face an aesthetic appeal, contact Dr. Mittal and seek the fulfillment of your realistic expectations.

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