Skin whitening treatment for the perfect looking skin

Human skin’s color is the most discernible and eye catching. Especially a girl’s dream is to have that glowing and fair looking skin. But in today’s hustle bustle it is a little tough to maintain your skin tone. There are many aspects which affect the complexion of the skin: dust, pollution, sun rays, etc. There is one solution to have that skin type you wished for in just few sittings: SKIN WHITENING TREATMENT. It is a process to lighten the skin tone by reducing the concentration of melanin. Before having the skin whitening treatment one must be clear with its details and facts. A suitable whitening treatment actually is enhancing the texture and tone of the skin. It does not mean that you will have totally fair complexion or get a changed inherent complexion with the help of this treatment. It improves the tone of your complexion and gives a glowing look.

Types of Skin Whitening Treatment

There are various treatments for skin lightening but your surgeon can suggest you which one is the best for your skin type, because skin texture and skin tone matters a lot and plays a crucial role while going for skin whitening. To experience the change in your complexion first know all about the skin whitening treatments.

1. PRP face:

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma.PRP therapy is the treatment which uses the blood platelets to rouse new cell growth which helps to improve the skin tone, texture and to restore lost facial glow. PRP face treatment depends on the area that you want to get treated. An amount of blood will be then taken, usually 10 to 30 ml. That blood will be placed in a centifuge for 8-10 minutes. Once the cells will be separated, then the rich platelets will get extracted and will be injected into that area where skin rejuvenation was requested.

2. Chemical Peel:

One of the popular techniques used to improve the skin tone is the chemical peel. A chemical solution is applied to the skin which causes exfoliation and then peels off. The new skin which comes is usually smoother and less wrinkled as compared to the old skin. An important thing however to be kept in mind is that the new skin is more sensitive to the sun. There are various types of chemical peel that you must aware of.

Superficial or lunchtime peel: Mild acids are used to impale the outer layer of the skin to soothingly exfoliate it. The treatment helps to improve the appearance of the rough skin and discoloration by refreshing the face, chest, neck or hands.

Medium Peel: Either Trichloroacetic or Glycolic acid is used to impale the middle and outer layer of the skin which helps to remove the damaged skin cells. This treatment decreases the age spots, wrinkles, freckles and moderates the skin discoloration. It smoothes the rough skin and treats it from inside.

Deep Peel: In this treatment either Phenol or Tricholoracetic acid is used for deeply penetrating the middle layer of the skin to improve the damaged skin cells. This treatment eliminates the moderate lines, freckles, shallow scars and age spots. The one who gets this treatment will see a drastic enhancement in the skin appearance.

3. Co2 Fractional Laser:

It is a new and impressive method for skin rejuvenation and provides incredible results for improving the skin tone. Co2 laser process includes short pulses energy with the combination of various gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen. Then the thin layer of the skin is eliminated that causes no damages to the tissues. Not only for skin whitening, but the fractional laser treatment is effectively useful for the removal of wrinkles, lesions, scars and stretch marks.

4. Photo Facials:

This skin whitening treatment is a little bit different from the other treatments. Photo facials softly penetrate the skin without destroying the blood vessels or damaging them. It helps to boost collagen, which gives you the younger-looking skin. Photo facial is one of the best choices of skin whitening treatment for those who want to treat acne and boost collagen. It will give you a naturally enhanced look and also it can be done comparatively at a lower cost. Skin Whitening Treatment is available for all age group from 14 years and both men and women can avail this treatment. But it’s important to make sure you have an expert with whom you are getting the treatment done with minimum risks and after effects. If you wish to find your cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana and want to know all details about the treatment, then we at Refine Aesthetic Clinic are right here to clear out all your dilemmas and give you the best service for skin whitening treatment.

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