What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is a condition of over-developed or enlarged male mammae/ breast which can occur at any age due to hormonal imbalance (can be caused by un-administered drugs, genetics etc.).

Gynecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Reduction Surgery is an effective response to this condition. This cosmetic surgery basically works for removing the fat or the glandular tissue in male’s chest area and resulting into contoured, flatter chest.

The different methodical approaches which the cosmetic surgeons take to remove the extra tissues are:

1. Liposuction Technique:  This technique is only applied to the cases where the Gynecomastia took place due to the increment of fatty tissue. For this method, a cannula and a thin hollow tube are inserted by making several small incisions. The cannula is moved back and forth to loosen the fat in that area so that it can be sucked out by vacuum suction easily.

Apart from this, there is various another way of liposuction that can be used.

2. Excision Technique:  This technique is administered to a person when there is large deposition of glandular breast tissue or excess skin in the area. Excision made in this area also results in reducing of areola and repositioning of nipples giving a more natural look at the chest contour.

3. Combination of Liposuction & Excision Technique:  This method is used when there is the need for both the methods or there is both fat and glandular breast tissue deposition.

Although the recovery after this surgery is very quick it also depends on the person’s body’s healing and immunity.

Apart from giving you a renewed self-confidence, there are many benefits of undergoing this procedure:

1. After this surgery, you will have a better-toned body shape and more masculine figure.

2. Many physical activities that used to be strenuous for you before will be easier to do.

3. It improves your overall body language and posture, getting rid of the hunch that you developed over the period of time.

After a successful surgery as you return back to your daily life there are few things you should keep in your mind as post-surgery precautionary measures:

1. Diet: There are no dietary restrictions and patients can resume their normal diet after the procedure.

2. Rest: Patients can resume light normal activities from the next day after the surgery

3. Compression Garment: After the surgery, compression garment is advised by the surgeon to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks regularly.

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Our trusted procedure has led many people to undergo this procedure and get a renewed life with a renewed confidence.
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