Life is laden with both good and bad memories. Inherently human beings want to keep the happy memories for a long time. We try our best, to keep cherish our memories for a longer time in all possible ways. We frame our pictures, get our choicest recollections on T-shirts and also get inked to show our deep association with something close to our heart.

However, sometimes memories which were once dear to us turn out to be painful. So much so that we just want to get rid of them. Our unpleasant experiences impel us to erase such memories totally from our life. We can throw away the pictures, damage the gifts, but what about those tattoos?

Tattoo signifies your love for a person, passion for your hobby or sign for your relationships. So when you are simply done with that tattoo, which you once thought is a part of you it is very harsh to accept yourself with those inked parts. Someone has rightly said that every problem has a solution and for this dilemma TATTOO REMOVAL is there to save your life.

What is Tattoo Removal?
Tattoo Removal is a process of eliminating tattoos from the body parts with the use of different techniques and tools. People can get rid of permanent tattoos in many ways but most preferable and suggested treatment is Laser treatment.

A person interested in tattoo removal should know some points before going for the treatment.

  • 1) The person should choose the right treatment for the eradication of tattoo according to the body part.
  • 2) One treatment is not enough to remove the tattoo. It takes multiple treatments to wave it off permanently.
  • 3) The spot of the tattoo on the body also matters. Some tattoos take more time to get removed, depending upon the area and body part. Your cosmetic surgeon would suggest the time and procedure according to the targeted area.
  • 4) It depends on the type of tattoo as well. Sometimes permanent and professional tattoos takes more time.

There are some Treatment Phases for tattoo removal:

    • 1) Inflammatory phase

When the cosmetic surgeon start the execution of the process the skin gets redness on it. The patient may feel a little pain. It happens due to the disruption in skin particles.

    • 2) Proliferative phase

In this phase, the formation of the tissues takes place to heal the affected area. After 2-3 days the patient can see the changes in the targeted area.

  • 3) Maturational phase

This is the final step when tattoo almost disappears. Developing of new tissues starts getting quicker and total removal of the ink can be seen.

Steps for tattoo removal

  • 1) A tattoo is a combination of thousands of ink particles. Firstly laser breaks down the ink particles into many smaller divisions, later tattoo disappears.
  • 2) Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists target the area directly and hit the laser in that particular area to distort the particles and after the process, the tattoo will begin to disappear.
  • 3) While getting tattooed, the skin forms different layers. Due to this formation of multiple layers, the candidate has to go for multiple treatments to exterminate the tattoo.
  • 4) After few procedures, the tattoo starts fading with the normal visibility of marks.
  • 5) In this whole process, the patientcan see the changes on the skin surface and finally the freedom from the tattoo.


  • 1) People can get rid of their unwanted tattoos without having scars on the skin.
  • 2) Patients can get partial or entire tattoo removal. They can get the desired treatment for their inked part as they wish.
  • 3) Laser treatment is the safest procedure to remove the tattoos.


  • 1) The patient needs to guard the skin against ultraviolet radiation for a few days.
  • 2) Don’t rub the treated area. In case of itching apply ice or cold water.
  • 3) Avoid shaving. It may cause infection to that particular area.
  • 4) Keep the area clean and dry. Ask your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for the use of cosmetics products.
We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic provide the best tattoo removal treatment with the high-quality laser equipment. Safety is our first concern and we believe in delivering the best treatment to our patients. Our state of the art technology ensures that you wipe off those memories which you want not just from your mind but also from your body parts. Just go ahead and bid a permanent farewell to that tattoo.
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