Thinking about getting a Facelift? Read this before you make the choice

Youthful face is attractive. However youth is a passing stage in life. We all age but only a few of us are lucky to age gracefully. Apart from genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors also determine the extent of the loss of your old, youthful features.

Fortunately a facelift treatment has become an efficient and affordable way to restore your youthful looks back.

Let’s learn a little more about cosmetic facelift procedure.

Fundamentals of a Facelift

Facelift has become one of the most popular and efficient cosmetic procedure to regain a younger-looking face. Although facelift surgery has been around for decades the recent advances in cosmetic science has made it extremely efficient and effective to perform cosmetic facelift surgery under expert cosmetic specialists.

Leading cosmetic clinics in India, such as Cocoon Center for Aesthetic Transformation in Delhi, have pioneered innovative and exclusive facelift techniques that prove efficient in dialing back your age remarkably.

The highly-trained and expert cosmetic surgeons at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana have an impressive success rate with patients from all over the country.

The cosmetic surgeon will administer local anesthesia right before the surgery begins. This helps to keep your facial region sedated and you do not feeling any pain or discomfort. Once the local anesthetic takes effect, the surgeon will make several incisions. The first incision normally begins from the front of your ear and continues to your temple. The second incision is normally placed behind your hair, and continues up into your scalp within the hairline.

These incisions help the cosmetic surgeon to remove extra fat from your face. Next, the weakened/loosened facial muscles are tightened. Finally, the cosmetic surgeon will stretch your facial skin carefully from the incisions till it is stretched tighter over the underlying facial muscles and tissues.

Factors that help decide if Facelift is right for you

The effectiveness and success of facelift treatment depends on several factors. These need to be taken into consideration before you choose to go ahead with a facelift surgery.

Consider these criteria and determine if facelift surgery is the right treatment for you:

Do you have noticeably excess skin on your face and neck?
Excessive, sagging skin on the face and neck is the main factor that prompts men and women to seek facelift surgery. In case you have noticeable double chin, jowls and sagging neck, then facelift could be the ideal solution for you to restore your youthful features.

Do you have good skin elasticity?
Candidates with naturally supple and flexible skin show the most successful results when it comes to facelift treatments. As the cosmetic surgeon is required to stretch your facial skin to remove wrinkles, it is essential for candidates to have sufficient skin elasticity.

Do you have a strong bone structure?
Having a well-defined bone structure is essential for noticeable results post surgery. A prominent facial structure helps to support the tightened facial skin and muscles excellently. However, if you do not have sharp facial features, there are several aesthetic artificial implants that can be used successfully to give your face a new and youthfully attractive look.

Are you in good mental and physical health?
Realistic expectations with the results and overall healthy body are essential to determine if you are a candidate to undergo facelift surgery. Overall good health is effective in faster and complete recovery with successful and lasting results.

In addition, it is important to choose the most expert and efficient cosmetic surgeon for your cosmetic treatment. Choose Refine Center for Aesthetic Transformation for long-lasting and successful results from the affordable cosmetic treatment.

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