Top Steps for Best Body Contouring in India

Body contouring is a popular cosmetic treatment package that helps with sculpturing your body into a new and attractive shape. Leading clinics in India, such as Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab offers the best and most affordable body contouring in India.

If you are worried about the disproportionate looks of your body and wish to transform it into a more appealing body, then read on to learn the top tips for best body contouring in India.

1 – Basics of Body Contouring

The body contouring treatment refers to a selection of cosmetic surgeries that are aimed at improving the shape of your body. This group of cosmetic surgeries is useful to remove the excess, unwanted small fat deposits, extra tissue and additional skin from certain parts of your body, such as the face, neck, upper arms, chest, back, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks.

The cosmetic surgeon will mark the places where the extra tissue and skin needs to be removed from. The incisions are placed in specific places to hide any possible scarring from them. These incisions are useful for the cosmetic surgeon to reach underneath the skin and remove stubborn fat deposits, usually using Liposuction technique. Once the hard fat is removed, the cosmetic surgeon will begin to excise any loose, sagging tissue underneath. Next, the extra, sagging skin is removed before the surgeon carefully drapes the remaining skin over it and gives you a smoother and more proportionately contoured body shape.

2 – Candidate for Body Contouring

After a detailed discussion and check-up the cosmetic surgeon will decide if you are ideal to undergo a cosmetic body contouring procedure. Some of the major factors that make a person an ideal candidate for body contouring surgery are:

  • An adult with stabilized weight after weight-loss
  • Healthy and are currently not on medication for serious health disorders
  • A non-smoker
  • Committed to leading a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness after the procedure
  • Aware of the practical limits of the procedure and have realistic goals with the end results

3 – Recovery from Body Contouring

Thanks to the advances in cosmetic surgical science, the use of minimally invasive surgical methods to perform body contouring procedure has resulted in reducing recovery time drastically. Based on the extent of treatment required, the recovery time after undergoing a body contouring procedure is anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month.

Right after the body contouring surgery is completed, the cosmetic surgeon will use bandages and pressure-dressings to help close and heal the incisions wounds. Thin, small tubes may also be placed underneath the skin to help drain excess fluid and blood.

To ensure that your recovery is fast and successful, ensure that you always follow the post-surgery care instructions of your cosmetic surgeons at all times. Make sure you visit the cosmetic surgeon for necessary post-op check up appointments in the following weeks.

4 – Results of Body Contouring

All-round, the success rate of satisfactory results after a body contouring surgery is impressive. The results of body contouring are easy to retain for a longer time by following a fitness-filled and healthy lifestyle.

Although ageing may affect the results eventually, you can be assured of remarkably noticeable results after a body contouring surgery at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in India.

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