A charming and enchanting face is everyone’s dream. In order to achieve that flawless look we are ready to apply any formula get a blemish free face. But when puberty hits you, it is hard to escape from it and its consequences. Apart from puberty there are other reasons also like increased degree of pollutants in the atmosphere that may knock your face with unwanted acne.

Usually it happens when the first acne appears on our face like an uninvited guest we rush towards the cosmetic shops to kick that pimple out. Skin care products can provide some respite from those wretched acnes but they certainly are not a permanent solution. This is especially true for cases where people experience frequent acne breakout. In such cases even after all the efforts one is not able to get any breather from those nasty pimples.

But just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, Active Acne Treatment can help you to get rid of those obstinate acne and get a clearer skin.

What is Active Acne Treatment?

Active Acne Treatment is a process of elimination of active acne and their constant growth through some advanced non-surgical techniques.

There are different types of methods used by the dermatologists to prevent acne breakout. Some of them are as follows.

  • 1. Photo facials: It is the unique system of skin treatment with the blend of blue and red light energy waves. This Photo facial process helps to achieve the damage free skin and rejuvenate the skin as well by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and minimizing the growth of acne. Photo facials not only improve the clarity of the skin but also make it more attractive.
  • 2. Laser Skin Resurfacing: If you encounter regular acne pop-ups and breakouts and are trying hard to get a clearer and healthy skin, a laser skin resurfacing treatment is the best option to go for. It removes the top and cracked layer of skin. Laser Skin Resurfacing repairs the damaged skin and helps to get glowing skin. AcuPulse is one of the best equipment which is used to perform laser skin resurfacing treatment.There is one more technique i.e Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). It is the permanent solution to get rid of pimples problem. In this process, small pulses of micro-fine laser light enter deep into the uppermost layer of skin. It eliminates the damaged skin and pimple-causing infections and it enhances the skin tone. It is an easy and the quickest way to treat active acne. It needs 4-6 sittings and after the initial sessions patients can see the noticeable results. It can be performed on all skin types. It improves the skin quality and helps the patient get skin with improved texture.
  • 3. Chemical Peels: In this method, cosmetic surgeon/ dermatologist applies certain chemicals like AHA peels, phenol and TCA that peel up the damaged skin surface, remove the impurities and help get rid of active acne. The spray of these chemicals penetrates deep into the skin and helps enhance the overall texture of facial skin. One of the best parts of chemical peeling treatment is that it heals the skin from inside out.
  • 4. The Oxygen Jet Peel: In this technique the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist injects saline in the facial skin and cleans up the skin deeply. It helps to keep the skin hydrated. The process is painless and provides coolness and soothing effect to the skin. This process is also known as a Mini Power Washer. It excludes the dead skin, flushes the pores off dirt and helps to achieve healthy and glowing acne free skin.
Benefits of the Active Acne Treatment
  • 1) Get acne free skin with a glowing texture.
  • 2) Block the growth of the acnes.
  • 3) Free your skin of impurities and remove dead tissues.
  • 4) Healthy and scar free skin.


  • 1) Avoid heavy exercises and sweating on the face.
  • 2) Do not go out in sun. Avoid direct exposure to sun’s rays.
  • 3) Avoid direct heat onto your face like using a hairdryer, steam or direct contact with the fireplaces like a hot oven, gas etc.
  • 4) Don’t shave or rub the treated area.

At Refine Aesthetics we are known for providing best results for treating active acne. We examine all our patients deeply keeping in mind their skin condition and counsel them accordingly for the treatment they should opt for. By using the most advanced technology like above-mentioned tools and techniques with guaranteed results for all skin types we make sure our patients get much wanted break from acne and can see the phenomenal results for themselves. We have an experienced team of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons to perform the procedures. It’s time to kick out the acnes, enhance your beauty and face the world with greater confidence.

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