Tummy Tuck – From Fat to Flat Tummy

Fit and trim tummy is the essence of feeling and looking attractive. Millions of men and women all over the world slog at the gym or at parks, trying to lose excess weight in an effort to get the lean and slim look. However, it is difficult when you find that after an impressive weight loss, you have flabby loose on your tummy. Not only drastic weight loss, but pregnancy and ageing can also leave you with a comparatively large and saggy tummy.

The tummy tuck procedure is an excellent solution to get rid of this saggy skin and get a smooth and taut abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Treatment in Short

Tummy tuck treatment is also called as ‘Abdominoplasty’ in medical terms. This is a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that helps to remove excess skin and tighten the underlying abdominal muscles.

At leading cosmetic clinics in India, such as at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab, the expert cosmetic surgeons use the latest in surgical tech to ensure maximum comfort of patient and success of the procedure.

The tummy tuck procedure normally requires administering general anesthesia, which tends to help you from feeling any pain or discomfort as the procedure is going on. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the cosmetic surgeon will carefully make small incisions along your waistline, just below your belt.

The incisions are used to tighten the abdominal muscles using surgical staples. Once the abdominal muscles are tightened sufficiently, the cosmetic surgeon will carefully remove the excessive skin which sags over your tummy. The remaining skin is then stretched carefully and reattached using fine sutures.

There is minimal recovery time required after the surgery and this has also made tummy tuck one of the most popular surgical cosmetic treatments worldwide.

Additional Advantages of Tummy Tuck

Not only does tummy tuck procedure give you a firm and slim tummy there are several other top benefits that add to its efficiency.
These are the top additional benefits of a cosmetic tummy tuck procedure:

1. Relieves backache – Undergoing a cosmetic tummy tuck procedure helps to strengthen your core muscles. The backache you suffer as a result of loose, weakened abdominal muscles is relieved with firm and strong muscles after the procedure.

2. Extra exercising power – Strong core muscles inherently make exercises easier, hence, helping you to maintain your slimmer and fit tummy more efficiently.

3.Battles Urinary Incontinence – Natural aging and childbirth can result in weakened bladder in women. This results in development of urinary incontinence. With tightened abdominal muscles, you have improved control over your bladder and reduce urinary incontinence successfully.
4.Cure Ventral Hernias – Weakened abdominal wall can cause tissues from beneath to puncture it and protrude out significantly and painfully. These can also lead to complications with your other organs. Having a stronger abdominal wall, thanks to tightened muscles, helps to treat existing ventral hernias and prevent any in the future.

5.Boosts confidence – Having a slim and fit tummy works excellently as a confidence booster. This procedure will help to improve your self-image and esteem and give you confidence which you always desired. The ability to wear the clothes you have always seen models and celebrities wear is definitely a boost to the self-confidence.

These additional benefits only highlight the efficiency and success of tummy tuck procedures in giving you a leaner and more attractive look besides ensuring prevention and treatment of several diseases and disorders too. Refine Clinic in Ludhiana is one of the most popular clinics to get affordable and effective tummy tuck surgery today in India.

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