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Unwanted Hair? What are Your Options? – Laser Hair Removal

How to be a Hair-free Damsel? Laser Hair Removal at its Best

Have a party tonight? Alas! You can’t wear your favorite mini red dress. Reason- hairy legs.

Why should a prom night, a date, a birthday bash or a special dinner suffer? Why not dress up in the ‘saved-for-special occasion’ outfits? Simply because you aren’t shaved and have no time for waxing.

Worst is the hoarse upper-lip hair which makes you feel conscious or the early-man hair around the jawline dipping your confidence to its lowest! Are women (and nowadays fashion conscious men) doomed to suffer and be in dilemma of what to wear or how to feel just because the hormones promote uncanny hair growth at unwanted places?

Age-Old Quick Fixes

The traditional methods have been consistently in use even today. Some commonly used (mostly at-home DIYs) hair removal remedies have been shaving off hair with a razor/epilator or using waxing strips and hot wax. Variations of wax like Chocolate wax, Brazilian Wax, etc. are new innovations in this field. Plucking, tweezing and hair removal creams have also been widely used. These are quick fixes easily available in the market and can be done at home as well. (The fact that you are reading this blog tells us that you have been using all these fixes even now.)

However, what bothers is the hair playing peek-a-boo just within a week and you are back to square one dealing with the hair trauma again. You do wish that some effective method of hair removal should be available where you can get rid of any hair, body or facial, for good. Your wish is granted! The new-age technology is successfully dealing with the obnoxious hair and giving you a smooth, soft and supple, hairless skin. After all you want to look spectacular and gleaming on all days throughout the year.

The Latest Laser Technology

The technology has now devised a robust, safe and effective non-surgical procedure for permanent hair reduction. This will definitely ease your woes with hair growing just anywhere on the body. Get rid of the consciousness because of the dark or light color hair troubling you on your face, arm, armpits or any private part too.

The laser energy from the instrument is transformed into heat energy which disables the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding skin unscathed. Laser light beam is absorbed by the dark color (melanin) of your hair. It works on hair root (follicles) without harming the skin, thereby, reducing the growth and preventing further growth. The gap between each session is ideally 4-6 weeks depending on the hair growth.

With the advent of laser and electrolysis, hair reduction has been a phenomenal achievement on permanent basis. It helps in a permanent solution to the hair trauma.

Will Laser Hair Removal Suit your Skin?

This is a common question, the answer to which is yes. Laser is effective in most of the cases depending on the hair color and tone. Higher the contrast between the skin color and hair, the more effective would be the results. Light color, gray, red hair and blonde hair can be treated with electrolysis and one can seek permanent hair reduction.

What Body Parts Are Eligible for Laser Hair Removal?

Almost any body part can be made hair-free with laser. Laser technology can effectively treat any body part for men, women and teenagers and make their lives simpler. Men usually have been successfully opting for shoulders, back, chest and between the eyebrows. Women have been vouching for legs, arm, underarms, bikini line, back or maybe abdomen too. Successful stories of facial hair removal, majorly jawline and upper lips galore the clinics. The percentage of teenager choosing to make their body hair-free is on the hike too, reasons could be stress free studies abroad or swanky looks or simply keeping themselves clean and hygienic.

Would You Need Any Consultation?

Good and reputed laser hair removal clinics offer free one-to-one consultation with their expert dermatologist who check your body and skin type and assess how effective would the laser be on the body. Whether a particular body part is needed to be laser treated or not is also a genuine suggestion only an expert dermatologist can give. The doctor and the laser team guide you about the treatment, frame a timed schedule, assess costs and study the success likelihood of the treatment.

You need to be visiting a reputed clinic and a professional doctor to seek genuine suggestions. Dr. Prerna Mittal, at Refine Aesthetic Clinics, is known to have built a credible name for guiding and devising laser treatments for her patients. Testimonials swear by the humane approach and the fine precision in her diagnosis. You can simply rely on her guidance and ask her all your queries and doubts.

What are the Benefits of Laser Procedures?

Laser is not harmful and difficult to handle as presumed. Here are a few of the benefits of a laser hair removal treatment:

  1. Effective for all Skin Tones and Hair types: Laser has proven effective for coarse, soft, dark or any colored hair. Skin types like light, dark or even tanned can show good results.
  1. Quick and Safe: With proper appointments, the laser sessions can be quick and easy, even for the first timers. For full safety and time management, Refine Clinic has an amazing credibility.
  1. No Downtime or Harassment: Post the laser, you can immediately resume your work and there aren’t any inhibitions or complications that follow. The daily routine or the work schedule needn’t be postponed as one is fit to work and carry on with the chores immediately after the session.
  1. Quick Results: The effectiveness of a good laser treatment can be felt from third sitting onwards. You can feel and see the results very soon.
  1. Triple Target Treatment: Cocoon Refine specializes in a special technology that targets the three main structures of the hair follicle at three different depths within the skin for all inclusive hair removal.
  1. Virtually Painless: Latest technology machines have made hair removal a nearly painless process. Finally a respite from waxing strips pulling out hair harshly from your skin!
  1. Suitable for all Body parts and Age Groups: All age groups and any gender can get a hair reduction laser done. Be it any body part, private or one that can be seen, laser is possible and you can get rid of the unwanted hair.
  1. Saves Time and Money: Laser is a blessing as saves lot of time that you waste each month on waxing or idling in parlors or saloons. Shelling money each month also is a pain which can be done away with one time laser payment.

Are there any Precautions or Side-effects?

This is the safest technology for permanent hair reduction but the process might be accompanied by very mild scalding or rashes. Following are some precautions that are recommended for complete safety:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sun or UV-rays for nearly 24 hours post the treatment.
  • Apply a good moisturizer liberally on the treated areas for two-three days post the laser.
  • Avoid wearing too fitted jeans or anything harsh for a couple of hours to avoid any abrasions or rashes.
  • Do not wear sweat warmers immediately after the procedure.
  • Attend your sessions timely for most effective results.

Things to Remember:

Here are a few pointers which tell you more about laser hair reduction process:

  • Laser isn’t painful or tormenting. If at all, it is much lesser stressful and painful than waxing.
  • Have Patience: you will start feeling the results within 3-6 sessions and imagine the results post the full session.
  • Do not forget to shave your hair with razor before the treatment as the hair on the skin might interfere with the laser.
  • Laser shall inhibit the growth of further hair, thus minimizing the ingrown hair growth too.
  • You might need a top-up package after all the sessions are over, simply for maintenance once a year.

Why Refine Clinic is the Best?

Under the able guidance of Dr. Prerna Mittal, laser has been a boon at Refine Clinic. Here are some reasons you will be convinced why Refine Aesthetic Clinic is the best place for hair reduction:

  1. The clinic is equipped with latest US FDA approved laser technology for hair reduction.
  2. You can be assured of no side effects.
  3. The doctor will first assess you and then recommend if it would be suitable to get the laser done. They are genuine doctors who would refuse to undertake a process if they feel it’s not useful or could generate reverse effects.
  4. The staff is congenial and hospitable and you shall be assured of outstanding customer service.
  5. The clinic is hygienic and safe and abides by the safety norms.

Genuine and affordable, Refine Clinic offers the best packages that suit your skin and budget.

The Happy Take-away:

You are an aware customer who knows what and where is the best of all. Laser hair reduction process surely is a boon and it shall make dressing up fun as well as ease out all your mental agonies related to hair and hygiene. Seek the best doctor’s advice and follow your heart!

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