Vaginoplasty: How Safe Is It?

With time and age the sensuality in your love life may seem to become less. Abnormally loose vagina is found to cause not only physical discomfort but also affects a woman’s self-confidence with her partner. Hence, cosmetic science offers the best solution to improve your love life with a Vaginoplasty.

Let’s learn the main aspects of cosmetic Vaginoplasty in order to determine how safe and successful the procedure is.

What is Vaginoplasty procedure?

Vaginoplasty is a small cosmetic surgery that helps to tighten the loose and often sagging vagina and labia (vaginal lips). Vaginoplasty is also called as ‘Posterior Colporrhaphy’ and is an excellent alternate to more invasive cosmetic vaginal treatments for tightening it. For numerous women with excess loss of skin elasticity in their vagina, surgical Vaginoplasty works excellently in place of thermal or laser vaginal tissue tightening techniques.

Who should choose to undergo Vaginoplasty treatment?

Women with significantly loosened vagina can opt to undergo Vaginoplasty treatment. Vagina can get loose and saggy due to several reasons, including:

  • Childbirth
  • Ageing
  • Vaginal trauma

These are the common reasons that women state for undergoing Vaginoplasty treatment all over the world. Today, India boasts of global-standard cosmetic clinics, such as Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab, that provide excellent and affordable cosmetic treatments, including Vaginoplasty to hundreds of women every year in the country.

A detailed consultation with an expert cosmetic surgeon will alleviate any concerns you may have regarding risks and success rate of the procedure. A physical examination is an essential part of this procedure. It is performed prior to the procedure where the cosmetic surgeon is able to clearly mark the excess skin around the vaginal lips.

How is a Vaginoplasty procedure performed?

Cosmetic Vaginoplasty treatment is a non-invasive technique to tighten loose vagina. It is often combined with a Labiaplasty (tightens loose labia – vaginal lips) to provide extremely noticeable results. However, Vaginoplasty can also be performed as a stand-alone procedure if the patient and doctor determine it as the best choice.

A Vaginoplasty normally requires administering local anesthesia to numb the crotch region. However, the patients can also choose to undergo general anesthesia and avoid feeling any form of pain or discomfort while the procedure is underway.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the cosmetic surgeon will mark a wedge-shape portion to show the excess skin which needs to be removed. The cosmetic surgeon will first use strong sutures to tighten the supporting vaginal tissues inside the entrance to tighten the vaginal canal. Once the tissues are taut enough, the cosmetic surgeon will then proceed to carefully remove the excess skin on the vaginal lips that was marked earlier. The last step requires the surgeon to use strong sutures and close the excision lines completely.

This is a considerably smaller surgery and the cosmetic surgeon may allow you to go home the same day.

Are there any risks of Vaginoplasty treatment?

Any form of surgical procedure, even minimally invasive surgeries, may entail risks of certain complications, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Infectiony
  • Pain
  • Bruising

Although these risks are rare the cosmetic surgeons at Refine Clinic take optimal precautionary measures to ensure that risks are minimal and even prevented all together.

How safe and successful is Vaginoplasty procedure?

Vaginoplasty procedure has been immensely safe for thousands of women who undergo the cosmetic procedure all over the world every month. When performed by experts and skilled cosmetic surgeons such as those at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab, Vaginoplasty becomes an extremely safe and highly successful cosmetic procedure to enhance your love life.

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