Win a Perfect Body with these Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgeries

The marathon run for losing unwanted unhealthy weight stems from the fact that we wish to look and get fit. After having won the long battle against overweight and getting your weight to acceptable levels you realize that there are certain areas with stubborn deposits of fat in certain parts of your body, especially the neck, upper arms, tummy and thighs. In addition, the skin becomes saggy after having lost the previous fat volume. It is unsightly and unwanted.

This is where post weight loss cosmetic body sculpting surgeries are excellent.

These are purely aesthetic improving surgeries and offer very few medical benefits. However, looking fit is part of feeling healthy and confidence hence these body contouring procedures have become swiftly popular around the world and are now available in India. The best cosmetic clinics, such as Refine Center for Aesthetic Transformation provide the highest quality and most effective body contouring procedures after you have undergone significant weight loss through bariatric surgeries.

Choices of Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Body Contouring Surgeries

Cosmetic body contouring surgeries are designed for removing stubborn fat cells, extra skin and give your body an overall better and more attractive shape. Let’s check out some of the most popular and effective cosmetic body contouring surgeries according to the specific body part you wish to get treated of unwanted fat and excess, saggy skin.


Cosmetic arm lift procedure is advised if you wish to get slim and toned upper arms. This utilizes least invasive cosmetic surgical technique to remove the underlying excess and stubborn fat cells and also trim extra saggy skin away.

A cosmetic neck lift is performed with a combination of liposuction technique and removing additional skin using excision techniques. It is a short outpatient procedure and requires very less downtime.

Waist/Tummy Shaping

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as a tummy tuck is highly advisable for removing excess fat and skin from around your tummy and waist to give you shapely hips. This cosmetic procedure is performed using minimally invasive techniques that allow faster recovery with minimal visible scarring. The cosmetic surgeon will use special instruments to remove excess fat from your abdomen. Once the fat deposits are removed the surgeon will carefully trim away the additional sagging skin. Next, the surgeon will stretch the remaining skin over your tummy and use strong, fine sutures or surgical staples to secure it in place.


Cosmetic liposuction procedure is commonly used to remove fat deposits from your lower body, mainly the thighs and buttocks. However, to remove the unwanted additional skin, you will require undergoing a cosmetic buttock lift. This procedure is excellent for tightening the skin and underlying supporting tissue around your buttocks and all around the thighs.


If you have significantly well-shaped body but there are still certain vulnerable areas with small amounts of fat still visible, then a body contouring cosmetic procedure may be the ideal solution for you. Also known as a ‘Body Lift’ procedure, it helps in removing stubborn, small fat pockets and reshaping your upper and lower body simultaneously. This is a comparatively longer procedure and may require multiple sessions to focus on each vulnerable body part. However, the final result shows a remarkable improvement in your overall body shape.

Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab is a multi-award winning cosmetic institute in the country. It is currently the leading provider of impressive global-standard cosmetic body contouring procedures and makes it easy for everyone to get their desired attractive body with an extremely affordable cost.

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