Beard trend is at its zenith. This manly transformation is something males are not eager to miss by any chance. Men are progressively experimenting with the diverse variety of beards to match up with the extreme pace of changing fashion trends. In the last couple of decades, the number of different beard styles has increased at the same rate as the number of hairstyles for men. But even though beard styles are of various kinds, not every style suits everybody. You must take your face shape and features into consideration when choosing a beard style.

Some of the most common beard styles are, Full Beard is the manliest and the most popular beard style. Full beard is best suited to diamond, triangle or inverted triangle face shapes. Short Stubble is another popular style for men who want a manly look without being untidy. Another prevalent form of a beard is circle Beard, which is the standard beard style that suits oval and round face shapes. The circle beard is great for men who want to keep their beard while also looking presentable.

Not every man, across the globe is fortunate enough to grow a beard like the other. There may be a situation where he strives hard to grow a beard, but eventually, ends up on failing side due to various reasons. From Movie stars to Sportsmen, everyone is keenly trying unique styles of beard, which in return in becomes a style fiesta for both younger and elder generation to carry forward. The era of the clean shave is fading away gradually and there will be a time where impressing the opposite sex with diverse hairstyles will switch over to the different style of beards.

Men who strive hard to grow a beard of their choice but fail to get it need not worry much as the remedy to their problem is just one step away. Beard Restoration is there to help them enhance their manly look that renders them with their hand-picked beard style.


What is Beard Restoration?

Beard restoration means Facial Hair Implantation, which restores the natural hair on the beard and the moustache. In this process, the hair is harvested from the donor region in the back of the scalp with either FUE technique or the strip method.

FUE technique

In this technique, each follicular unit is separately plucked directly from the scalp with no piece of tissue being removed. Hair follicles are eliminated in a random fashion. There is a slight change in the hair density of the contributor area that many say is not even detectable.

It is then implanted into the face where needed. The doctor will match the traditional growth pattern of beard hair which is mostly in a downward direction. Sometimes the surface area over which beard hair has to be implanted also decides which procedure the surgeon should opt for to give best results. The FUE technique is actually quite successful for correcting insufficient facial hair growth.

Facial hair transplant procedures are done under local anesthesia and are usually last for 4 – 8 hours duration. The healing and re-growth phase is just the same as with scalp hair transplants. In today’s dynamic scenario, facial hair has become a very important element to a man’s grooming. The ability to grow “scruff” or a full beard allows a man to wear a different look depending on his feelings and fashion sense. Facial hair transplantation allows even those men who have a deficient facial hair to enjoy the same options as their more hirsute brethren.

Benefits of Beard Restoration

  • 1) Facial hair implantation has effective advantages because it is the permanent solution to baldness around the face.
  • 2) It is 100% natural and 100% safe procedure for restoration of a man’s mane.
  • 3) It helps to enhance your personality by giving you an option to wear different beard looks as and when you wish.


  • 1) Candidate should avoid shaving at least for the suggested time by the cosmetic surgeon.
  • 2) Hair and beard growing oil should be used as prescribed by concerned cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.
  • 3) Use of any blood thinning agent like alcohol is prohibited for few days.

Above mentioned precautions are some basic ones a patient should strictly follow. Additional precautions suggested by the doctor.

We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic provide excellent beard restoration for the men, who are striving hard to have a thick and fashionable beard around their face. Gone are the days, when clean shave was a considered a weapon to impress others. Refine Aesthetic Clinic is the right stop for all those men who find trouble flaunting facial hair the way they wish. No need sitting back and feeling disheartened as beard restoration with the experts at Refine Aesthetic is an effective natural remedy to grow beard and stride along with the world.

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